Dartmoor Perambulation

Entered this one as it is on home ground. Getting a bit worried about the route much of which is trackless on the ground. Todays Recce has not filled me with confidence as one control is located in a deep bog (location verified by GPS and map) Sunk up to my waist twice and retreated . I suspect the planner has not run the course!

Trying to keep an open mind. We shall see?


  • You might have to be a rescue party for your fellow runners image 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Hopefully the organiser will discover the problem when he tries to set up the control point!

    Good luck with it, ian.

  • E mailed the organiser. Evidently the course and checkpoints published on the website are not the actual course. The the new GPX file will be published soon then they will mark the whole course on Dartmoor. 50 miles of marks!  This could prove interesting as the trails are often indistinct unlike the UTMB which is fully marked but on easy to follow trails.

    I hope they have a forrest of bamboo poles and plenty of man power. At least they have 16 days left  to  get the route sorted.

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