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Doing FLM 2003 and found the thread about where to stay useful. Can anyone advise on family hotels as my wife and 2 kids aged 12 and 10 intend to watch? More important perhaps - can anyone advise where spectators should stand? Is it possible to be near the start and then move elsewhere or is one vantage point the best for the whole run - bear in mind I'n looking at 4hrs plus so they might get bored!!!


  • A good spectating strategy is as follows:

    - see the start in Greenwich Park (or possibly the blue start in Blackheath);

    - walk down the hill through Greenwich Park towards Cutty Sark. It's very busy right at Cutty Sark, but just past there as the race goes towards Deptford (on Creek Road - I think) the crowds thin out pretty quickly (about mile 7):

    - take the Docklands Light Railway to Canary Wharf, then view the race there (about mile 16);

    - short walk from Canary Wharf to Westferry Circus, then see the race as it comes back towards the City after the loop around the Isle of Dogs (about mile 21);

    - then take tube from Canary Wharf to Westminster to meet up with you after you finish.

    This should work pretty well - my supporters followed this approach this year and last. One point of caution: I'm not certain whether Cutty Sark DLR station is open on marathon morning, you may need either to go through the foot tunnel to Island Gardens or walk to Greenwich Station. I would advise your supporters not even to try and see you finish, there are thousands of people there. And work out where they are going to be in advance - it is very easy to miss seeing someone, especially when you are tired.

    Good luck
  • as for a family hotel - try the

    County Hall Travel Inn
    Belvedere Road, London,SE1 7PB
    Tel:0870 238 3300

    just over the river from westminster
    with a family room rate of about 70
    squid - but early booking is essential.

  • If you are running for a charity, get your kids and wife to cheer the whole charity team on at a charity cheering point.

    Last year I ran for the MS Society. My father and sister cheered very near the finish. They were looked after by the charity, given t-shirts and met lots of people who also had friends running for the same charity. This was great as my father is in a wheelchair.

    All the best


  • Last year, my wife came down after the start and was first at around 13-14 miles. Then she went to the pub behind where she was standing, before crossing the road to cheer me on at around 19-20 miles.

    This is a long straight section of road, with plenty of space to stand and it's easy to see people.

    Then she got a tube down to the finish. Mind you - she did have quite a wait for me to get from 19 miles to the finish!

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