Congrats to Paula!



  • The problem is is that for lengthy periods (whisper) not a lot happens so Brendan and Steve Cram start on their lengthy dialogues about who does and doesnt support Sunderland etc,etc. If they're not careful, they are going to end up like the fruitcake who covers the Tour de France on Eurosport. But to be fair, if anyone has a right to prattle, it has to be Brendan and Steve.
  • I've just got back from Chicago where I stayed at the hotel next to the Hilton. Monday morning we celebrated with breakfast at the Hilton. And guess who sat next to us?! She was with two of her (male) entourage but no hubby. I couldn't miss the opportunity to say how proud we all were of her performance and ask how she felt (she said 'not too bad' - which was a lot better than I felt!). But she'd not been recognised so I didn't want to bother her further, and we left her alone after that.

    The icing on an already fabulous weekend, as far as I was concerned.
  • I also just back from Chicago - must have stayed at same hotel as Mike above. The Brits there were walking around with an extra special swagger (limp) in their step in the reflected glory.

    One of the best moments for me was the absolutely fantastic reception that Paula got from several thousand (mostly American) runners at the post-race party. She shook many hands and signed loads of autographs.

    The marathon itself must be the best in the world (sorry London). A well organised exhibition in a very spacious venue, a well attended Saturday morning fun run, a sit-down pasta party (both the latter with guest appearances from Paul Evans and Steve Jones), a great post-race party, in addition to a good flat course with spectators in hundreds of thousands. Even things I find niggly in London, such as recording chip times at the start and not having the year on the number (a sad complaint but when you have several marathon photos how do you know which year it comes from?).

    All this with a rousing selection of music blasting out at the start (Bruce Springsteen Born to Run) - much better than the traditional FLM dirge.

    I even managed to run 10 minutes better than I expected. Looking forward to going back again.
  • The wonam is just super human! I just can't believe that after running such an amazing time she could stand let alone talk to the TV! She seemed as if she'd just run for the bus! That'll show my mother who said women can't run marathons!
  • Yeah that Kanouchi bloke was lying on the floor crying, mind you I think she should have punched a photographer or something THEN she would have made the front page of the Guardian sport, instead we had the "treat" of some Sven Goran- England night of shame blah blah blah nonsense.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Paula was magnificent (is that spelt right) again I have also never voted for SPOTY but will do this year

    I just wish i had an ounce of her talent
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