to stay injury free and healthy....

Thought I'd start a thread to share ideas and find what people do to stay injury-free and healthy.

I stretch before every run.
I always warm down swimming by doing 100m of backstroke. Last year I got a shoulder injury which the physio says was caused by the front of the shoulder being stronger than the back. Back stroke should help balance front and back of shoulder.
I also take a daily Multi Vit and a Vit C from time to time.

Anybody else....


  • I start off my runs with a slow, warm up mile. I then stretch at the end of every run. It seems to work for me.
    Although I have been injured quite often, other than for a random slipping event, none of my injuries have been running related.
  • Fruit, esp oranges
    Cold bath after longer runs
    Sleep after longer runs
    At least one rest day a week
    Rest/change exercise when you're injured (sounds obvious, but it's a hard thing to do!)
    Red wine and chocolate
  • ...guess I should have mentioned Cake, lots of it.
  • cake and such things are the work of the devil, but I still love 'em too...
  • Dont train to hard to often
    Cover your knees when its cold, they may feel like they are warm though this is a cause for many knee injuries
    Jog before you stretch as your muscles need to be warm
    Buy new trainers before your old ones wear out
    Protein for muscle repair!!!!!
  • I read with interest having been on the wrong side of injury all to often.

    A few tips ive had passed on to me.

    Build a firm base before you start to increase training durations and only increase distances by arounf 10% a week.

    Bri - think I have the same shoulder problem you had? Physio says ive neglected to work the back shoulder muscle and hence its giving me jip as the front muscle is strong so the back one cant cope. ive got a varety of shoulder excercises to so I hope they'll help it.
  • Carl, re that shoulder injury. I'm also doing weights for it too. Bend over fly with 7kg dumbells. It's like a reverse PecDec.
  • Most important above all in my humble opinion- Get the right shoes on ! running with wrong type shoes will cause many many probs !
    Always warm down after run/ take dog out/etc then stretch.
    Take glutamine- an amino acid supp. ( perfectly legal) regularly- helps recovery and boosts immunity- and i swear by it since used it.
  • never stetch before warming up
  • ditto - stretching cold muscles is sure to get you injured sooner or later.
    Ice water after a run.
    Weight training - high reps low weight, we're building strength here, not bulking up.
    Multi-vit tablet, calcium-magnesium supplement.
    Loads of fruit and veg
    Our trainer recommends also a glass of cider vinegar and hot water every morning during the winter months.
    Plenty of rest.
  • sorry - I meant bath or shower in icy water, not drink it.
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