Country to Capital 2016

Afternoon all,

For my first post in a tremendously long time, I thought I'd see if anybody else is thinking about the country to capital race in January next year? Starts at the pub near my house (well, there are several pubs in Wendover, so one of the pubs near my house...) so it would be rude not to have a go this year.



  • Hi JB,

    Yes I'm thinking of doing it. I have a couple of marathons this year that I want to get under my belt before I 100% commit. Anyone know when it sold out last year?

    I live pretty near the finishing point and it will be my first ultra so seems like a good place to start!

  • I did this last year, definitely going to do it again assuming it doesn't sell out. Was a good day, had rain, wind, snow and sunshine through the course of the race!

  • JB I lived in wendover for 25 years ... exciled to Aylesbury now but my name is on the entry list  image

  • You must have done something pretty bad to be exiled over there image

    I must admit to not being on the start list yet, but I'll be doing my first back-to-back in ages at the weekend so i'll decide then. I mean, it's almost certainly going to be a yes, but I like to pretend to myself that I'm sensible and haven't already made the decision...

    I know the first 10 miles or so fairly well, especially that field full of inquisitive and marginally aggressive cows at Kings Ash Farm!

  • Entered this one again this year...did it last year but completely forgot to train, did 2 longs runs...first one was 12 miles from Henley along the river but had been at a cocktail party until 3am the night before so a bit worse for wear and to phone my wife at Marlow as felt like poo....then the only other long run was a train into Paddington and run back along the GUC...again phoned for the broom wagon at 16 miles.

    Went into the day thinking at least it may be a good training to CP3 and spoke to my wife...told her to pick me up but then changed my mind and just MTFU until London...terrible time of 8.33 but at least completed!!!  May just remember to train this year!!!


  • After a dozen marathons it felt like time to do something different so I've entered.  I haven't got a scooby about ultras but the logistics of getting to and from the start and finish work for me so I've only got to worry about the bit in between.

  • I'm signed up for this year. My first time over 35 miles, and not aiming for anything spectacular (9 hours is the current target).

    I hear the first 15 miles can be pretty hard going in terms of ground conditions, but then it's alright once you get onto the canal path. I was thinking of changing my trail shoes for regular running shoes around CP3, does anyone know if this is allowed? and does anyone have any advice on whether this is a stupid idea?

  • Certainly allowed and possible, towpath is a bit slippy in places but not too bad, I had some road shoes in my back pack last year but didn't bother changing, don't think I will bother this time either or even take them.  As long as trail shoes aren't too extreme.


  • Am I likely to get lost before I reach the towpath?

  • I didn't last year and don't remember it being very difficult but I was running in a group for much if that!

  • I too am on the entry list - currently wondering whose bright idea that was then image and I too am exiled in Aylesbury!

  • Looks like it's going to be a chilly one ! Anyone local know what the underfoot conditions are like ? 

  • All a bit muddy but ok with that! My concern now is I've got a hamstring strain that stupidly did early in the week cycling at the Veledrome, so lots of ice, massage stretching and fingers crossed for next week, have plan to do this and Thames Trot but will make a judgement call so not to ruin both!! 

  • Matthew Sutton wrote (see)

    Looks like it's going to be a chilly one ! Anyone local know what the underfoot conditions are like ? 

    I ran the first 21 miles of the C2C route yesterday, and agree that it was muddy. A couple of flooded lanes about 17 miles in (where it was easier just to go though in the middle - only about 15cm deep!). Not all of this section is on fields / trail, I estimate 40% is paved before the canal towpath starts after Denham.

  • Are people going for trail shoes? Given that it could be icy and there is so much pavement/tarmac, going for road shoes might be better?

  • Was going to wear trail but must admit that im 50/50 now. Will take both and decide on the day I think!

  • marka12345 wrote (see)

    Are people going for trail shoes? Given that it could be icy and there is so much pavement/tarmac, going for road shoes might be better?

    Road for me I think - otherwise too difficult along the largely surfaced towpath for the last 21 miles or so.

  • Ok. Perhaps I'll take both and leave one pair in my bag. Looking forward to it

  • Its been throwing it down with rain here all night, its a difficult choice re footwear as the first half will be pretty mudlogged and the second half on the tow path should be slightly kinder ... if I were you, i'd stash a spare pair of shoes on the canal   image

  • Personally, I'll go for regular shoes. The same choice as I've made for each of my six C2C.

    There is no shoe that is perfect for the entire race. In most ultras there will be short sections where you'll say a few bad words about your choice of shoes. And also the opposite.

    The question is if one should focuse the shoe thoughts on traction for the shorter muddy sections or cushined comfortable shoes for the longer easily runable sections with harder surface. I've seen too many runners make the wrong choice there which not too seldom has ended up with hurting feets and in some cases with DNF.

    The best choice is often to take a pair of shoes that you trust your feet will like also in the end of the ultra. And to make the choice of shoes without listening too much of other runners personal recommendations or fear of mud.

    At C2C the most muddy sections appear during the first hour  This year, the temperature is such that I expect the mud to be frozen hard during the first hour, just like last year, which reduces mud-risk there. Ice has not been an issue at eny of my six C2C so I do not expect any ice-complications this year either. There are a few muddy sections thereafter up to CP2. The one I'm mainly thinking of is the forest where you pass under the Railway. After CP2 there are basically only two noteworthy slippery sections left -- the first downhill after CP2 and the first mile of the Paddington branch of the canal. Putting all this together makes the choice of shoes simple for me. I might be a little slower on the muddy section (I always chicken out on mud) but I (and my feet) will enjoy the rest.

  • Looks like I'm out. A nasty incident involving stepping on a sea urchin has put a number of holes in my sole (not my pet fish) and it's rather sore, and I think there are still a few bits of spike left in there...

    Disappointed to be missing it, although partly glad as "training" over the past few weeks has been probably inadequate. Might come down to the start line and cheer you all off though.

  • Hi Jan, That's really good advice and was pretty much why I ran last year in road shoes. Since then though i've switched to hoka's (bondi's) which seem to have zero grip in mud (my old choice of asics nimbus/vomero were actually ok).

    I have recently acquired some hoka challengers which offer a good combination of grip in the wet and cushioning but i've not logged a massive amount of miles in them.

    I'm going to wear my bondi's but take the others in case the weather does anything silly over the next 24 / 48 hours or so.

    Have a good one!!

  • FYI everyone doing it, this morning at around 7:30 the pavements leading down from the pub to the start of the ridgeway were icy and pretty sketchy for walking on (though admittedly that's in work shoes). The weather is due to remain nippy, so take care on Saturday morning with the race to the gate!

  • Was due to race but have not managed to shake off Broncitus so taking a pass.  Good luck to you all it is an awesome event (did it in 2013), I hope you have excellent weather for it.  

  • Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's run, glorious day for running. Managed to get round in 6hrs 39 minutes. Hope everyone enjoyed their runs.

  • Had a great run, never gonna challenge for anything but finished in 7.38, 55 mins quicker than last up thames trot!

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