Tickets for Tri,Cycle,Run04

O.K., my title thread is my question!
I have yet to receive my tickets - has anyone got theirs and if so is there a detailed programme of events / lecture times with it. I've never been to one of these before. It would be nice to know if I need to arrange accommodation for the weekend or if you can cover most seminars in one day - it's quite a track for my friends and I. I'd have thought to have heard by now. I called the week before last and the lady I spoke to said I should receive them the following week (last week). Anyone know anything!?!


  • ...Don't answer that question. I've just called them yet again. Spoke to a lovely man who is sending out my tickets.
    If anyone else is wondering, he said they would try and get them out over the next few days along with an event programme.
  • can't you pay on the door?
  • ???...Well I guess that depends on whether or not they have sold out by then!!!
  • You should be able to pay on door, could last year. The prog. is on their web site
    Lots of good things again this year.
  • The seminar programme looks really good... in fact I think I want to go to all the 220 ones plus see Nick Gillingham (swoon... school girl crush coming back!!!)

    Tep - what is the latest on the indoor tri... are we doing it or can I relax for the day?!?!
  • I used to race against his cousin when I was a boy Spans!
  • I worked with his cousin at one point who very strangely was also called Nick Gillingham...
  • Hmm was probably the same person then
  • spooky!
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