Waterbeach 1/2m

So who is going to be at Waterbeach? After yesterday's cross country, i'm pleased to say - I'm ready. Perhaps not for a PB, but i'll be there.


  • Anybody? Or am i running this alone???
  • Where is waterbeach? is it a good coarse?
  • I'll be there!
    I am expecting to run alone - at the back!
    I intend meeting up with Stickless, as I am also raising money for CLIC. it would be nice to see you there. I think I saw somewhere that Glen is doing it too.
    I hope it's not raining out on the fens!
  • Waterbeach is near Cambridge, no idea about the course, but I'm assuming it's flat.
  • Thanks for letting me know where it is! Dont think i`ll be there it`s a bit far from Devon.
  • Where's Stickless?

    She was getting a gang together for this
  • Hope Stickless turns out - i'm clutching my grubby little cheque book to make a donation for the CLIC charity.
  • What's your running number, Nick?
    I'm 34 - i'll be in my Club vest of light blue with two red hoops.
  • I'll be there. I've also seen a recent post from stickless/Marj that makes it clear she'll be there too.

    I'm planning to get my number on the day so I'll be getting there early. The Wildlife Trust 10k last week was full nearly an hour before the start.
  • Dangly
    Doing Blenheim 10k instead (I live halfway between the two & Blenhiem's shorter & I'm lazy & undertrained).

    Has anyone heard from Stickless recently, she seems to have gone quiet - hope she still OK. If you see her pass on my regards.
  • Nick, Stickless did say she wouldn't be posting so much, but there was something from her on Cath's thread a day or two ago. I'll say hi from you on Sunday.
  • Glenn
    Cheers, are you next door?
  • No, Cambridge office today. I've got some seriously tedious coding to do.
  • Hence 'busy' on the forum so early :-)

    Have a great weekend.
  • I'm no.112-
    and very under trained and underprepared!
    Please don't let it pour with rain all day Sunday, as it has most days this week!
  • FGS - under trained and underprepared? You don't know the meaning of the words! I will be starting *right* at the back. See you there.

    It will be bad if it's rainy AND windy - it's a bit flat out there.
  • This morning's forecast for Sunday is not so good - Black cloud with raindrops, 44'F, wind 4 mph Easterly. Looks like a thermals job!
    See you there Glenn and Fat Girl Slim and Stickless/marj
  • Oh great, first half since 1996 and what do I get? See you there.
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