Paula Radcliffe (World Record)

Well done to Paula on breaking the world record.. should now be ranked alongside the greats of British athletics, such as Barrister, Coe, Ovett, Gunnell and MacColgun. With all her achievements this year (being jubilee year as well), she should be knighted and voted sports personality of the year! START THE CAMPAIGN!


  • Just saw this on the news. Very pleased. Worryingly, however, she looked in the same shape after that as I do after an easy 5K .. I dread to think what I'll look like after my first 26.2!

    Sports Personality of the Year for definite IMO, and I follow a lot of sports.
  • I watched the whole Marathon with my girlfriend and neither of us known for being soppy were actually quite moved to see Paula not just win but completely smash the world record. I don't know why we felt emotional about it, maybe it was just soooo nice to see a british athlete expected to do well not come in a brave second or fifth, I was worried for her running so fast even at the start when brendan and Steve Cram were saying she was on time to be a minute inside the record, but so proud of her at the finish! I phoned my friends but they were completely un aware of what had happened. and it makes me wonder about the BBC Great that they went to chicago and great that they showed the whole marathon Im not criticizing that at all but if we can have so many preview trailers on the TV between Eastenders and the like everytime England are palying why couldn't we have a few trailers about Paul's attemp at the marathon? It isn't every year the world record is in so much danger of being shattered this way? Just a thought! Well done Paula!!!
  • Agree totally Tony - apart from a bit on Grandstand I didn't see a single preview. The paper the next day was just as bad - the back page (effectively the front page for sport) was all about England's dismal footy victory on Saturday, while Paula got about a quarter of a page several pages inside.
  • What Paula did was FANTASTIC!!!!

    I think the achievemant has to be recognised...Tell all to vote for her in EVERY poll....Sports Personality etc etc etc...and keep reminding them.....

    The problem quite often is Joe Public forget's..( If they knew it in the first place !!! ) and vote for someone how did something good in the last few weeks....forgeting about the previous 11 months of the year...

    RunnersWorld should also get involved and help to keep the event fresh in peoples mind....

    Let's face it to be a World Record holder makes you one of the greatest every!!!

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