tri training and marathon training combo

Anyone offer any advice on how to train for my first Tri and also do a Marathon mid April?
Would it be best to continue running milage and keep other disiplines ticking over ?


  • Not sure I can really advise you but I am training for a Marathon and an Ironman but are pretty new to this.

    Advice depends on your aspirations i.e. have you any targets in mind and also your current fitness level.

    Im a pretty slow runner my Marathon target is sub 4.00hr but if the training goes well it would be nice to get around 3.30 or 3.40.

    Fitting it all together:- I cant state distance or intensity as that depends on fitness and goals. Personally I try and split my weekly training into 7-9 sessions over 6 days of the week, 1 is kept for rest.

    3 runs (long, medium and short recovery), 3 bike sessions (long, medium and speed reps/hills or spinning) and 2 swims (endurance and speed reps).

    There are people on the forums more experienced and qualified than I (ive run 2 Marathons but not done a Tri yet).

    I was tempted to concentrate more on the running as the Marathon is 3 months before the Ironman but ive been advised to concentate on the bike as a) its the key ironman stage and b) good cross training without the impact.

    Good luck.

  • What is your tri and how important to you are each of the races and when are they?

    I did an olympic tri with not much tri training but had a good distance base from having done a marathon and having kept up on the long runs.

    Although the open water swim could have done with some more open water practice and I wasn't as swim fit as I wanted to be it wasn't too bad, the bike also was OK and the run went fine. I think leaning how to pace yourself over several hours and how to use energy drinks were important skills Ileant for the marathon that then helped the tri a lot.

    Times 3 14 for the marathon and 2 25 for the tri which was much less hard work

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