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As someone who enjoys running but also plays football (at least once sometimes twice per week) and squash. How do I build these sports into my training schedule ie if I run on a sunday and play football on Monday how does this rate in the overall schedule. Any advice from multi sports people out there


  • Hey there,
    For what it's worth, I run regularly and play football twice a week. I normally credit a footy game as being equivalent to a 4-5 mile run depending on how hard the game was. I think football can be a good cross-training exercise, you get a cardio workout and a bit of extra leg strength, sprint training.
    Hey, I figure if you are running for 90 minutes you are going to cover a fair amount of distance. I read a while back a report that said a professional midfield football player can expect to run at least 10 miles in a game. I'm far from professional hence my reduced number...
    I'll bet your running helps the football no end too, I find it does wonders for my game in the last 20mins when everyone is getting tired.
    If I feel I haven't had a good enough workout from the game then I'll maybe go for a gentle run afterwards.
    Hope that helps.
  • I played footie last night. It's usually 5 a side, but it was only 3 v 4. I was on the 3 side. My ave hr over 1:15 was 170 and a max of 186. (My resting is 48 and anaerobic threshold is 178/179.) The last mtb race I did I averaged 179 (over 1:10). So if you were in any doubt how hard work footie can be this should confirm it.

    To be fair I was viewing it as a training session so was "giving it some".
  • A lot depends on how much you "give it" of course but I try to do an easy run at lunchtime if I am playing footy in the evening. The footy definitely counts as an interval session.
  • I fully understand your dilemma; I do a lot of football and martial arts and often ponder how to fit them into the recommended training schedules for running training. I figure that both football and squash involve considerable CV effort with constant changes in intensity, over a reasonable period of time. THis should substitute well for an interval session, unless of course you've had a dull game in defence!
    Happy cross-training,
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