Nice bike!!!!!!

Anyone seen the Giant TCR Carbon 100?

This a TOUR DE FRANCE special, only 100 made!Hence 100!!

I have one in my possesion though not for long as this beauty costs £8000


  • Saw them at Le Tour last year.

    Aren't they pretty ? Lovely graphics, but I couldn't ride it - more of a work of art !

    Are you a highy trained bike thief or do you have a cycle shop JLK ?
  • Yeah got one in the shop.

    This is 14lbs and every bit awesome. The graphics with all the 'tour' winners is a nice touch.

    This one is sold though the gears had to be set up and then ridden to make sure the brakes worked! Well! it was saying ride me Bitch!!!!!!
  • 14lbs !! Dunno what my 653 bike weighs, but it's not 14lbs ! ;-)

    You did well not to take it up into the hills. Bet it climbs like a rocket !
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
  • I didn't want to push my luck and fall off it.

    I have a Carbon TCR myself and to be honest they rode very similar. Mine weighs 16lbs with Tri-bars which is still pretty light, but it has more than 99 brothers and sisters.

    I may be come that thief and steal this?!
  • OOoh - nice - I have an alloy TCR for TT's and that's lightish, but never weighed it.

    (trying to get an ex WCPP OCLV Trek for the road - Mmmmm !)
  • Id be a bit careful with those, as my friend and training buddy is on the WCCP and his bike once finished with has had a hard life and screams no more!!

    That is the road-team not the tri-team!

    The tri-team may not be as hard on them as the road?!

    TCR'S are good, with the right kit they always end up being light. And fast!!!!
  • Spose there is that risk. But seems fine and the groupset is prob worth most of the money anyway.

    We've got a guy from our club on the plan too. Those guys are incredible. I swear he's got a motor in his frame.
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