Running partner wanted Guidford


I am looking for a running partner in or around guilford area, I have some good routes from 2,5,10,16,20 miles, got to start training ready for nxt yr FLM


  • I'm based in Aldershot and am looking for a training partner. I know Guildford very well as I used to do a lot of running Woking/Guildford area up until my move a couple of months ago! I've applied for FLM and have run 2 halfs this year but mileage has slipped since July! Looking at doing Hoggs Back in December though to give me the boost I need to get back into training? Call or email if you fancy discussing further 07974 348711
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Is the Hogs Back on this year ?
    I had a look at the GGAC website ,but it didn't have a date for it.

    I'm a bit further West unfortunately (Hook /Basingstoke) which is too far for a training run.Most of my routes go out towards Fleet/Camberley.

    Incidentally there is a 10k at Fleet this Sunday if you need a race to get you going!
  • I thought it was the 8th December which was advertised on the Farnham Runners Website but I know I haven't found it on RW diary or anywhere else. I must admit I haven't heard its been cancelled so I'm hoping its on! It took me 7 miles just to get my hands warmed up last year - so on hindsight bed or outside running mmmmmmmm
  • Dustin - just looked on GGAC the application is available for download soon - so yes its on!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Yeah , I saw that,although I'd have thought it would be downloadable already.
    Not done it before,but I've got a few weeks to buy a hat,some gloves,thermal pants......
  • You'll need them! The worst bit is hitting the hill before you've even had long enough to warm up! But seeing your experience - this will be a mere blip!

  • Hi Alison,

    when is best time to call to sort out a run

  • This next week is a bit busy but certainly after that I'm up for it so any time after 27th would be good. For my sins I work in the health and fitness industry which can mean unsociable hours!! Phone me 07974 348711 / 01252 331499 and we'll organise something.
  • P.S. work number is 020 7343 1875 (direct dial. Evenings are normally best for me and some weekends depending on whether I'm working or not! But November does appear to be pretty free at weekends so at least there will be good chances of some long runs (I forgot what those are?!)
  • Adrian -- wondering what are your "good routes"? I'm in Guildford, though not looking for a running partner. Getting a little bored with some of my regular routes.
  • Hello, my longest route is to start at Worplesdon Place hotel and head off towards fox corner right at the rounderbout then take first turning on right continue down here and take 1st left follow ths road and it will bring you out towards brookwood head straight accross and through brookwood until you get to the bridge take a left and head back to fox corner through pirbright past volvo garage, just before you start to get near fox corner take a right and follow this road this will bring you to a T junction take a right and follow this road it will take you close to aldershot take aleft here and head back through normandy and carry on along aldershot road, down woodbridge hill and over bridge and go past BQ,Homebase etc and up past spectrum then round through burpham and then head back up salt box road and back upto worplesdon place this is about 22miles........
  • Hi Adrian -- Can't figure out where you mean for that first part of the message "take first turning on right continue down here and take 1st left follow ths road". What are the road names?

    Did Aldershot Road, Pirbright Road, Ash Road to Worpelsdon Road circuit this morning which appears to be a good 13 mile route. Didn't like that bit on Pirbright Road where there is no pavement though. Made me run a little faster to get past it!
  • when you get to fox corner take exit as if you where going to working and just up there is a road on the right- im not sure of name but will find out for you, if you head down there- you will have to run on road but should be ok Ive been running down there for years if you keep going down here you then take the first left which will take you under a bridge, after the bridge you can turn right if you were going to woking but turn right and it will take you to brookwood lights of which you go straight accross and then head off towards pirbright........ hope this helps for now - are find out road names for you
  • The GGAC website states 'GGAC regret to announce that the Hogs Back Road Race will not take place this year, due to unforeseen circumstances.
    We have every reason to expect that the difficulties encountered at this late stage will be overcome for the race to be run next year.
    We look forward to seeing you in 2003'.
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