Knee Injury

Just recently when i'm running I get a pain in my right leg, it's just by my knee on the outside of the leg. It mainly happens after i've run about three miles and more so when i'm running uphill. It's like an ache and it's becoming more frequent every time i run. I ran 6 miles today and it is very sore tonight especially when i'm coming down the stairs and putting pressure on it. It's not to bad when walking normally.
Has anyone any ideas what it is??
If so what is it and how can I treat it ??



  • Sounds like ligament damage to me ,i've been sidelined since the FLM in April with a similar problem.First thing you need to do is see a reputable physio.
  • Hi Colin ,
    had a similar thing to that once took me ages and 3 phisio's to sort it out turned out to be ilitibial band syndrome cured by wearing orthotics .
    So my advice would be to see a running/sports based physio and/or a pediatrist .
    The first 2 phisios i saw didn't have a clue thats when i went to a sports based one and he told me almost straight away (money well spent!)best of luck and don't give up- Hadders
  • Colin, I had exactly the same problem except mine would cut in at around 10 miles. I had no problems on my shorter runs but it was making long runs a misery. I eventually went to The Rebound Clinic in Settle and got sorted. My advice would be to go to a place where a) they video you running on a treadmill (so they're actually watching you run) and b) they also make the orthotics - if you need to have them adjusted you won't have to wait a couple of weeks to get them back. Incidentally, orthotics might fix the problem, but I hate wearing them! They lift my feet inside my shoes and make them feel less stable. Swings and roundabouts I guess. Good luck!
  • Hi Colin
    I had a very similar injury just after I did the Sheffield marathon but mine started with a very sharp pain down the side of my knee which stopped me dead in my tracks. After when I went for a run the pain use to flair up again sometimes after only a mile of running this is the ligament rubbing on the side of your knee,I went from running a marathons to power walking in the space of a week , sounds like you have the classic runners knee.I was lucky as I got free physio from work, she told me it would take 6/8 weeks to get right and to build my runs up slowly. I also hammered the movalat gel, hope this is of some use to you
    Mick H
  • Yep, see a physio! Have had same problem and its been sorted in about 3 weeks just by taping my knee cap and regular massage. Physio thought that othotics were the right route originally. Good luck
  • I have exactly the same thing, it feels very stiff and sore, worst going down stairs just like you said...any one got any miracal cures, I have the new york marathon in a couple of weeks (doh!)
  • Colin if you look at my suggestions for Ewan Rowlands under health and injury it may give you a few ideas. I have treated a number of runners with iliotibilal band syndrome/ friction syndrome with good effect -including myself
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