Everyone else was cheating as well


  • Cheating at what, Hoover?
  • Basket ball.

    Interschools tournament.
  • It appears that good sportsmanship is dead and buried, and I met some coaches today who are having a good dance on its grave.
  • Oh dear Hovver

    that sounds bad

    teaching poor sportpersonship to kids is a bit off?
  • Don't capitulate on this one, Hoover. They will grow up to thank you for not doing so...
  • Took a boys basketball team to a competion today. It was meant to be only amatuers but all the other teams put in club level players, except us. When I challenged the other coaches ( all male ) they said and I quote everyone else was doing it. Well we`re not said I, and it clearly states that the whole point is to encourage people who don`t play at club level.

    PLus I added, it isn`t good sportsmanship to cheat. While this was going on a player from another team punched one of my players in the face.

    Who`d be a teacher.
  • Hoover - that is really rotton. And dispiriting for your team.
  • If it's against the rules, couldn't you report it.

    Slightly different if it was just "against the spirit of the event" as there'd be no benefit in reporting it.

    Bit of a no win situation - even though yur guys got a game, if it's against club level players they presumably got whipped. At least they know they did the right thing, but it does genuinely p*ss me off that this sort of behaviour is supported by peeps who should know better.
  • ...are there kids playing professionaly then?
  • That's appalling, Hoover, I hope your kids weren't dispirited

    I agree that a complaint to the organisers should be made - otherwise this sort of thing would just carry on
  • My school was at that 20 years ago. PE teacher would ask the smaller 6th formers to play as 4th and 5th years.

    I think it's always been the same.
  • Sounds like the " inter schools " x country race my eldest did in his last year at juniors

    Not suprisingly East Hull Harriers Junios did quite well against some local junior schools

  • Even worse to hear how widespread it is in other sports as well. It did make me wonder if there is any point in teaching the kids to stick by the rules when most teams seem to be out to win at all costs.

    I told all the other trainers I was going to take it further. Made me really popular.
  • What do you expect when all professional footballers are encouraged to cheat by their managers ? Dive, pull shirts, swear at the opposition, fake injury, intimidate officials, obstruction, etc, etc. This is our number 1 national sport.........it all triclkes down the ladder i'm afraid. If it's OK for them, it's Ok for us.
  • My old sixth form used to do this sort of thing. They asked me to play in a badminton match for them, after I'l left and gone to college. I said "Yeah, sure". So I did, and deliberately lost!!
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