Harewood 10 Mile Trail

Well done to all who helped make this a good day. My first event at anything other than mass participation stuff and I enjoyed it. Good course, well organised and great weather. Started off far too fast for my meagre ability and did the first mile in 6mins 30 ish. went on to be overtaken by about a million people for the remaining 9 miles. Never mind - would recommend it for next year anyway.


  • I too would like to say thank you to everyone for staging this event. 1st time running it and although I'm sure the dry weather helped the 600 strong field, I would recommend it to anyone thinking of trying their hand at trail running. Used it as a useful training run leading up to Worksop ½ and the fact that I got up that nasty hill at 9m has put me in a great positive vibe for the next couple of weeks...somebody stop me!
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