Non-Polar HRM

There are just too many to chose from - and why do the manufacturers make it so hard to work out what features they've got?

Polar ruled themselves out by spamming me last year, which makes the choice slightly easier!

I think all I need is a basic HRM, that I can use as a watch as well - i.e. backlight, and stopwatch with at least 26 split memories. The watch I've got at the moment does splits, but doesn't let you recall them!
100m water resist would be nice as well

Cardiosport GraphX - Is this a 20 lap or 100 lap product?

Do any of the cheaper cardiosport models have a decent stopwatch? - or should I get 2 watches, one that I can dive with, with a stopwatch, and a seperate HRM?
Any other brands offer good value?


  • don't hesitate to get a cardiosport model. Top notch. Dead relaible
  • Stu92Stu92 ✭✭✭
    Have you thought about the Nike HRM range? I've used a Nike triax 100 for over a year and find it's very good, if a tad expensive. But they do offer cheaper models.

    A lot of other runners have found that they are a bit poor when compared to the polar range.

  • Sean , don't cut off your nose to spite your face. You can not beat the Polar range for quality. Every thing else is second best.
  • Too late... I've ordered a Cardiosport Xtreme. I did look at the polar products, but nothing looked particularly suitable.

  • I use an Xtreme – marvellous – but I do get odd spiked reading from time to time, which I never experienced with the polar

    The only reason I ditched the polar is the transmitter battery – you can’t change it yourself

  • I'm on my second Cardiosport - have been using them for years and found them excellent - and as for second best Paulie I think you are just presuming that because Polar are the most expensive then they are the best - don't agree my friend - in my opinion they are just overpriced and you are paying for the name.
  • Any x-trainers out there. The Polar S150 is campatible with biker. Has distance and speed monitor that you add to the bike, and a bracket that you attach the watch to very neatly (w/out having to detatch the strap).

    Also has, inter alia (don't I sound posh?), 60 splits, records highest and ave HR for each split, and allows you to preset 3 different HR levels for different workouts.
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