Chicago Tribune.

I would just like to thank the Chicago Tribune for their in depth reasearch before labelling our premiere distance runner an eccentric out of Monty Python. But I failed to notice the plethora of US ladies at the finish.
Clearly this was due to poor inter-continental satellite links and in no was reflects on the ability of the apparent finishers


  • I hadn't finished my rant...
    I am sure that the said journal will publish a suitable explanation for this judgement in the coming days.

    I just wanted to clarify that.

    Wonderful paper the tribune
  • Is that the Stepford Wives Running Club. So what did this burk actually say
  • He sais she was an eccentric ..something that amounted to a sum of the characatures from Monty Python.
    God knows how to spell it, but you know what I mean.
  • Must be the nodding head that fooled him. Thought she was from the ministry and strange runs.

    Surpised they've even heard of Monty Python. Most Americans would think its a town in Texas. Before someone ges on their high horse, Bill Bryson would agree with me
  • Probably has summat to do with americans not understanding proper sports.
    They can't understand cricket - so they play rounders instead.
    They're such big wussies that they put on suits of armour just to play a bit of rugby.
    As for long distance running - well, they probably can't work out where to put the advert breaks!
  • My solicitor would like me to point out that the tribune are not a bunch of no hpoing idiots that habve bad mouthed paula just because she is british and they hate losing.
    furthermore, I habe no hesitation whatsoever in saying they are a first class publcation that I would be happy to endorse. Thier sports coverage is second to none. Although they APPEAR to know little about athletics, this is,of course a ruse. This article was clearly intended to stimulate ddiscussion and should in no way be taken to mean they really thought this.
    I'm glad that is straight.
  • On the other hand Lance Armstong is American so they're not all useless
  • My solicitor would now like me topoi out that my last post was as a result of something stuck i my throat and not meant to be seen as laughing at the American paper, or indee the people, who I love very much.. indeed he would like me to clarify that I love everyone, everywhere and that it is clear that I do not imply that anyone, especially Americans are bad losers, beacuse they clearly aren't.
  • Cos Kannouchi is American and He's great.
    So that proves it.
  • Kannouchi is american... as in Greg Rudeski is British?
  • Almost as much as Zola Budd was English, see the English can mock themselves
  • You'd be surprised at the number of Americans that know Monty Python. Nothing wrong with a bit of Monty Python. Also, what's wrong with being eccentric? I'd be happy to be called eccentric -- come from a long line of them actually.'s first definition of eccentric is: "Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern". I think that could describe Paula's performance this year!

    I wouldn't make too much of that Tribune article. After all, it is just a certain writing style to introduce something people aren't familiar with, with something they are familiar with, to hook them into reading the story.

  • I suppose the madness of Monty Python is a step up from Roast Beef or the White Cliffs of Dover.

    My problem will the whole thing is she shouldn't need packaging with something else British. She is the best woman runner in the world with one of the strictest training schedules on the planet. That should stand for itself and no other introductions should be necessary
  • Linca, are you a Yank?
  • BK
    Well said.
    SOOOO proud tho'.
    He*l of a day.
  • I agree Paula shouldn't have to be packaged with something else British. She is phenomenal in her own right.

    BTW, RE: use of the term "yankee" or "yank -- if you refer to anyone in the southern US as yank they may take offense, since in the US a yankee is a Northerner. It all dates back to the US civil war Yankees/Rebels thing. Of course, coming from the North I am a true Yankee, though based in leafy Surrey for nearly 5 years.
  • OK Linca, very sorry.

    Nite nite.
  • No may about it. Ask our very own Daisy Duke!

    Barkles should be familiar with this being a Northener. We have the same North/South issue here but haven't got round to fighting it out yet as Snoops event got cancelled
  • There's still time BK .. still time!
  • I think the eccentric bit is them not understanding that you can be pleasant and polite and win. There seems to be the feeling that you have to be nasty to win - as in criminal world heavyweight champions and extremely rude Tennis players (He's on BBC now but I guess Anne Robinson set the precedent for behaviour there). Most American sportpeople are vastly overpaid and maybe they are still smarting from losing the Ryder Cup. On a positive note it was good to see that it is not jus tthe British media that don't know how to report Athletics.
  • Ah – we Brits also won at that wonderful sport of conkers at the weekend :o)
  • And we are also of course the Extreme Ironing champions!

    From what I read in the article it was all about Paula's wobbly head and how all you can see when she is running is the whites of her eyes. I agree that it was unnecessary, but I don't think it was meant as a particular slur on Paula, but as has already been said - she doesn't need packaging in that way.

    Having said that I've seen plenty of American and other sprinters make odd faces before and after the sprints.

    Wonder what the press said today! If she made that comment about needing the loo on American TV then I expect they'll be talking about that!

    What amuses me is that she could have taken a toilet break (wonder what the lead bike does then?) and still broken the world record!!!

  • Catherine McKiernan did a No.2 in her shorts when she won London (98?) as did Grete Waitz when wining in New York a few years ago, while Steve Jones had the good grace to stop along the Embankment to do his stuff when winning London in 1985.

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