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Hi All,

I am extremely new to the joys of running having done my first R/W this morning. I ran 5 (just) and walked for about 10. I plan to do this 4 times a week increasing a bit each week. I have always harboured a desire to be a runner but previous attempts have involved jogging to exhaustion and then never being able to face it again! Hope to keep it up this time as I felt OK today. This site is really motivational and it's great to see that not every other person on the roads is a natural.


  • Good on you.
  • Keep running deeplydippy, I only started running in March. First time I went out I managed to run for five minutes before I had to walk. I just kept going, getting further and further until eventually I could run a respectable distance without walking.

    Last week I competed in my first race, the GNR, 13.1 miles, and I ran all the way.

  • Ditto to above. Walk/run/walk/run...that's how I started. Still a beginner, and I don't think anyone is really a nutural runner. It takes work but it's so liberating.
  • You can do it Dippy!
  • keep at it! I started running in June and yesterday I ran for a whole hour; covered 9K so felt real sense of achievement
  • Hi Dippy - it's how I started too, although I didn't manage 5 mins first time out! So you're doing well already. Keep up the good work...
  • Dippy, - Know how you feel, stopped smoking last Xmas and took up running. Started the same format as you run/walk now up to 10 miles in one go, never thought I would get there!
  • Addictive isn't it ? Just like evil pixie says - I too nealry died likened myself to a asthmatic elephant after 2 mins of my first run outside but now enjoy myself and thanks to encouragement from other formites have joined a local running club and go out plodding with the other beginners - I too started with a 5km - race for life - felt so good crossing that finish line wanted to keep going - keep up the good work and enjoyment as thats the key i think
  • Hi All, Thanks for the encouragement, it's true what they say about runners you're a really nice bunch o' guys. Ran again today (R5 W10) and I felt better than yesterday, I can't believe how motivated I feel. According to my programme tomorrow is a rest day and I'm actually disappointed!!
  • Hi Evil Pixie. Yes I definately have it bad at the moment but my momentum weras off with things after about 2 weeks and that's when I'll need you all most!
  • Norfolk - so no hill training for me SHAME!
  • Oh dear Dippy - I fear total's great, isn't it! I started 11 weeks ago, and I'm sticking at 20 minutes a day for a few weeks, as recommended by Bob Glover in The Runner's Handbook. If you can get hold of a copy (it's published by Penguin), it's full of excellent advice and training programmes.
  • Hello everyone

    I dont know what sort of pace to run at, i am currently running 7 miles in 55 minutes. What pace does anybody else run at.

  • meercat, thanks for the tip I shall track down a copy pdq. I am following a programme that I found on the serpentine running club website that will not push me too far too fast ie R5 W15 for the next 2 weeks then up it a bit. I think if I failed to do a run on a schedule that was demanding R10 from the off for example I'd give up pretty quickly.
  • Nici, the pace that you are currently running at IS the pace to run at. You are running better than 8 minutes per mile, which is great. But you knew that, anyway, deep down.
  • The first time you start running it hurts. But a next time when you have to pick it up again it goes easier.
    I have been a long time of and on runner and that is my experience. I must add that this time I seem to be gripped by the bug and feel I will stick to it. Such a good feel.
  • EP - that's brilliant! Hope you feel really proud of yourself (and rewarded yourself with suitable goodies) I did something similar this weekend - instead of sticking to my 20 mins I tried for 25 mins and managed it! Like you, I felt really good.
  • Same here. Should have run for 5 but felt ok and decided I would stop if I got desperate - managed 9 minutes. Well chuffed. Did 10 today but I think that'll be it for a week or so. Don't want to put myself off if I can't reach 12.
  • Good Luck EP. Will think of you.
  • Stick with it. You've just done the hardest part- you've been out there and started running.
  • Go, EP, go! Let us know how it goes...
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