Cross-training events?

Does anyone have any idea where I might find a listing of "beginner" cross-training events to "have a go" atin 2004, ideally not too far from Manchester?

The XT sites I can find seem to be mainly south-based, and most of the events seem to be for the ultrafit competitor. I'm struggling to find a way to get started & just give it a try.



  • Agecroft Rowing Club hold a rowing Tri in December, that's in Salford. So plenty of time to train.

    Any more anybody knows about ?
  • Thanks Cougie - I did that last year - and came last ;-) Will give it another go this year though.

    Actually, I've just found one: in Altrincham - I'm sure I could complete the intermediate course, just would hate to be the only slow-george coming in hours behind a load of super-fit elite athletes.

    I'll make some enquiries anyway.

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