Maidenhead ladies only 6K

I ran this today albeit with about two minutes of walking and it has fully restored my confidence and enjoyment in running.

The last two events I took part in were extremely disappointing. Nothing to do with the organisation or the course, both of which were very well organised, but the fact that I could not run as much as I wanted.

This race was an undulating off-road event which started with a lap of the football pitch (to the amusement of the teams playing) and then progressed with two laps of a cross country course (for horses). It was lovely even though it was raining quite hard in places. I have to say that the definition undulating was for once correct, no big hills to be seen.

It took me approx 43 minutes to complete this, but one thing it has taught me is that before even though I thought I was going slowly enough, I was not. I got a far greater feeling of satisfaction by being able to run the majority of it at 11 - 12 min miling than I would have done if I had done 10 minute miling and then walked in places. I did walk the two steepest undulations but was able to start running again - for me a great achievement. I could also talk the whole way round which for others probably was not an advantage.

If anyone from Maidenhead Athletic Club reads this I would like to congratulate you on a superb course which was brilliantly marshalled - well done. I will definitely be back next year to try and improve my time. Everyone was incredibly friendly and encouraging and it showed the true spirit of running.

I would like to thank the two ladies that put up with me tagging along with them, I think their names were Jeanette and Jean? I know that both are RW subscribers, one from Maidenhead and one from Wokingham. If the names are incorrect please accept my apologies, I would not have managed to run so much without your company.

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