Jungle marathon training

HI all

I am doing this race in Sept- is basically equivalent to the marathon des sables but in the jungle- 125 mile s- 6 stages- one 50 miler !! help....

First go at something like this.
Any people who have done MdS with any tips on how bigger mileage to aim for ? With 7 mths to go i am doing 40 miles a week.
I was thinking of doing an ultra in june- 32 miler on dartmoor- would this be a bad idea as would still have have 3 mths to go. I guess i want to get as high mileage as poss but not get injured by doing too much too soon.
I am starting with some gym weights and X training as well

Any tips would be very welcolm

Many thanks


  • there are some guys on here who can help you...
    hold the line please
  • Im doing the MDS in April.

    ..but like yourself I have never done anything like it before.

    To get used to the heat I went out to Cyprus twice for fortnight at a time last July and August - and just tryed to get used running in the midday Sun, day after day. I hope its not any hotter in the MDS than it was out there on the second stint(40 in the shade on a few occasions) becuase I found it enormously difficult to keep going in that heat and I never really got used to it.

    Luckily I can easily get out to Cyprus as I have family over there and a place to stay at no cost. Problem is you recondition yourself back to the shitty English waether very quickly I think - oh well at least it gives me an idea of what to expect.

    In terms of training I been very slowly increasing My Mileage over the last year from a start point of about 40, To the point where I know run every day and am doing about 80 a week at the mo....and its getting very boring and tiresome. I just want it to end now.

    I dont do any cross training - although I do do a lot of pressups and situps most days but then I have always done that.

    Im doing the Thames meander in a couple of weeks (53 miles) and that will be the only time I have ever covered that distance - most of my long runs have been 24- 26 miles although I have done a couple 35 mile walk / run treks across the moor to get my navigating up to scratch.

    The thought of a 50 mile non stop stage scares the hell out of me so there is no way I am heading out there without at least having covered that distance once beforehand.

    I have been trying to fit the odd Marathon in as training to. Did the Cornish plan on doing the Duchy and the Taunton before I get out there.

    I have had to be very carefull with weighted Rucksack running - I only run 2 or 3 times a week with it weighted as that along with the increase in mileage has left me with knee problems on a few occasions.

    Id like to get it to the point in my traing where I can run 5 day after day twenty milers without getting seriously aching legs.

    Anyway whether thats a good way of training or not I dont Know becuase this is my first time, but I thought Id chuck my two pennies worth in anyway...find out in April I guess
  • the jungle run is totally opposite from the marathon des sables as being in a desert the humidity is practically non existant as apposed to the jungle where the humidity will be around 100%. get in as many steady ultra distance runs as possible it will definately help you out. try a couple of 20 mile runs back to back to get a feel of what it is going to be like if you have never done anything like the mileage before. from what i have heard of the event i doubt if you will be moving very fast due to the terrain and the water underfoot. if you want more info on the event drop me a line and i will pass on a guys e-mail who did the event last year to you. good luck!
  • well done jason x for signing up for the thames meander, it is a good intro for anyone doing an ultra for the first time, also steve partidge puts on a first rate run and an excellent info service after the event for first timers to the mds. i will be running there, hopefully if i can get myself back in shape after the crimbo festivities, and will be on the advice panel after the run on the sunday, see you there.
  • Ideal.....see you there.

    Im eager to hear everyones words of wisdom on the Sunday!! As I still feel distinctly in the dark about a hell of a lot of things.
  • Good luck with the Jungle Race - it looks like a cracking adventure. I have spoken to quite a number of the 2003 entrants and whilst there were a number of initial glitches with the inaugrial race, the over-riding opinion was that is it a race to be done.
    This might perhaps be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs - but it is worth repeating......
    Whilst it is obviously extremely important to be prepared for the distance (and to a degree the terrain) a factor that is too often overlooked is your mental attitude. I have witnessed in EVERY extreme ultra that I have done some very fit and talented athletes faulter tremendously when the going gets tough - which undoubtedly it will. Prepare as much as you can off road and dont stick to the well trodden paths. For example - get on the hills go up and down them on 6-10 hour treks and trudge through the bogs. This will prepare your mental strength. 2 to 3 hour runs are all part of your training - but it is the long hauls that will make you strong in the mind (and body).
    I wish you the very best of luck - and if finances and time allow, I might well be along for the fun as well.
  • Jason X-

    Good luck with the MdS- I was thinking of this one- Initially i was doing the GRAM in Guiana- next mth- but cancelled as too few runners., hence i have signed up for Jm 2004- and very excited about it.
    MY feeling as that if i got injured and had to pull out- i might find the jungle more interesting than the desert. I think they are on a par in terms toughness from what i hear Good luck ! I will ve doing some long sessions in the steam room in weeks before i fly !

    Yorkshire running man- an email of someone who has done the JM 2004 would be great if possible/ MANY THANKS

    Little welshman ( i cant call you fay sorry)-

    Thanks for tips. I have 7 mths to do.I was up to 55 miles a week for my trip to Guiana which fell through- had couple weeks off- back to 40 miles a week again- long run 13 miles at present. I did get up to 2 x 22 milers/
    I guess i dont want to do too many long runs now and get injured. Do you think doing the dartmoor 32 miler in June- 3 mths still then to go- would be good idea or not ? i gues it would for mental toughness and be my first ultra- But would not know how then to proceed for next 3 mths

    Probably have to train in wet clothes as well to get used to this. The animal i might see- well no training possible for that !

    Thanks all
  • I think any long distance run has got to be good for your training - provided you 1. build up to the distance steady, take them steady (treat them as training) and you give yourself some time to recover after (you wont have this luxury in the JM).

    Dont think negatively... "MY feeling as that if i got injured and had to pull out- i might find the jungle more interesting than the desert"... worry about this situation when it happens. If you need something to occupy your mind consider all the things that might go wrong and how YOU will combat this in order to complete the race.

    Having done the MdS and having spoken to people who did the JM - your thoughts that the Jungle will be more interesting might be ill founded. I gather the Jungle was very claustrophobic and not quite as beautiful in real life as you might imagine. From personal experience the Desert was quite spectacular.

    Good Luck
  • Cheers= LFW
    I am sure the desert was great- and i cert. did not mean to suggest anything otherwise. Apologies if this is how i came across.I take your points about the jungle v much.
    I have always wanted to travel the amazon and love wildlife so i guess this was another factor involved.

    I think psycholog. doing the 32 mile ultra 3 mths before would be good for confidence. I guess then i would need to scale back on my long runs for a bit and build up again.
    Will be running for 1st time tomorrow with my rucksack- bough the raid lite which has had v good reviews by those who did Jm 2003

    Thanks again.
  • hubcap, go to the link below and drop a line to dunebuster, he did the jm 2003

  • Will try this- many thanks

    Just interested in amyone who has done either JM or MdS- what sports drinks did you take/ recovery drinks/gel/etc...

    I quite like the SIS Go elec powder- lemon and lime prob best to drink i feel. Not sure re recovery drinks- perhpas their REGO- or was looking at the GPUSH range- I am not sure if would need 2 diff formulas with either to take,
    Looking in my raid lite back[pack and space would be a minimum ! Any MdS vets with tips on what to take./what not to/etc...

    Cheers Guys for all messages. great source info. many thanks
  • i know it sounds a little harsh but i just use neat water as much as possible on the ultra multi stage races to keep the backpack weight down as much as possible, keep up on your salt tablets and just a few isostar tabs for emergencies. if you were to take all the hydration and recovery drinks that is recomended your backpack would weigh far too much to carry for the week, try carrying some jelly beans or the skittle sweets to keep your sugar levels topped up,over the week they will weigh a lot less and are probably nicer too.
  • Thanks. I bought the raid lite backpack= very comfy run with it yesterday- But looking at it i cannot belive all my stuff for 1 week has to get in there !
    will plan to take freeze dried food in the bag/ GO bars/ jooster sweats/ smallpacks dried fruit i think,

    Not sure if others plan to take a sleeping bag or not- not sure i will have room !
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