running with asthma

Does anyone have any tips regarding running with asthma? (No asthma is not my dog's name!)
How long before exercise should we take salbutamol? Should we train without taking it? Do we need a longer "breathing" warm up compared to others?


  • Dave, have a look at the thread in the Health and Injury Section of the forum - this may answer your question.
  • Dave

    You can take Salbutamol right before you go out the door but best to leave it 10-15 minutes. I take it every day before a run but the only thing I change is the dosage e.g. in cold weather I will take two puffs, in warm weather generally one (unless pollen count is high)
  • I don't know if this will be relevant (I'd never make recommendations for a medical condition) but you might find it interesting after yesterday's Chicago Marathon!

  • Dear my brothers  & sisters. 

    My asthma was detected during infant stage.  I lost a lot of school days due to severe asthma attacks.  Admitted to the hospital for several days, especially during winter or rainy seasons.  (Now, I realized how much my mother suffered to bring me up). 

    You might be knowing the climatic conditions inKerala,India, Almost wet air (more water content in the air). And having more chances to get infected.


     When I was 10 -14 (during my 5th to 9th class), I used to play cricket with my friends in the school.  But at night, wheezing starts.  This was for almost 5 years.


    I concentrated in my studies during college days,  (didn’t aware of any physical exertion) completed my engineering at 21. 


    I came toDubaiat the age of 26, which is a dry desert.  The atmosphere / air is dry and having humidity.  My asthmatic symptoms gone totally.  I was happily earning and helped my parents financially to bring up my brother and sister.


    I married at the age of 31 and healthy twin girls were born after an year.  Both are not having any asthmatic symptoms, now at 10, (studying in 5th standard).


    After 40, the symptoms came up.  I consulted a doctor inKerala,India, He advised me to use inhaler. Two puffs a day gave me cure from wheezing and coughing.  Two years gone with the inhalers.


    I used to search the internet frequently for asthma cure and remedies.   And found that regular exercise can give relief from asthma.


    Now I am 43, I started walking at a slow pace around a park in Sharjah (approx 1.6 Km). Took  8 minutes initially, then slowly reduced the time to 6.5 minutes to complete one round.  Gasping heavily for air at the end of 4 rounds…..!!!


    A month gone.  I started walking at a moderate pace and jogging for 30 seconds in between.    A total of 7 rounds in 44minutes.  My heart beat raised to 108 – 122. and the rest rate reduced to 60 - 63.


    2 months gone now.  I stopped using inhalers.  No cold/cough during this winter.

    I am walking (+ jogging) 5 days a week. My weight reduced to 65Kg (from 75kg ). My pant size is 33 now (was 40 before).  My blood pressure and sugar levels are normal. 


    I will  continue my walking (+ jogging) and advise you to have a regular physical  exercise, It will give you immunity from  all diseases.

  • I have never had asthma personally but I know 2 asthma sufferers who now run marathons. Both of them rarely need to use their inhaler on a regular basis nowadays and I am sure that having a high level of fitness is the main reason for this.


  • MTViking wrote (see)

    I have never had asthma personally but I know 2 asthma sufferers who now run marathons. Both of them rarely need to use their inhaler on a regular basis nowadays and I am sure that having a high level of fitness is the main reason for this.


    Seconded. Asthma was really hampering my efforts at running, but I went and saw the Nurse at our practice. They ramped up my preventer inhalers to get me started, and as my fitness improved we were able to reduce the dose. Now running 15 odd miles a week and on minimal dose. I do use my reliever about 1/2 hour before a run, but only when it's very cold. (Compare this to 6 months ago, when I had to use reliever before and during a run). My peak flow has improved too. 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I have had asthma for a few years now since turning 40, but I only ever seem to get symptoms in winter.  The trigger seems to be breathing in cold air.  I have actually had to give up racing from Nov-Feb.

    The important thing is to make sure your asthma is stabilised with the right dose of the right sort of 'preventer' which you should take regularly.

    It is a good idea to take two puffs of the reliever about 15 minutes before going out, to open the airways. It's also recommended to warm up more gradually before doing hard efforts.

    If your symptoms are triggered by cold air I've found a very useful thing to do is to wear a buff round your lower face, covering your mouth, although you can't do hard sessions with this in place!  I've also found, even if I don't stop cold air entering my mouth, it is still beneficial to wear a buff around my neck which still manages to warm the air in the throat.

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