Vote count

Why is the total votes for the running sessions at 101%?


  • because some people run twice a day.

    OK, Only Barnsleyrunner
  • Good point, RW you know something we don't
  • I always like to give 110% on the speedwork sessions
  • brio
    You've been missed today on the book group thread. Busy day at work?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Rounding errors.

    There speaketh the accountant.

    Pass me me coat.
  • cue The Count....
  • The vote counter is rounding up all those little .27 (etc) numbers.

    Also if anyone has any good poll questions they would like to suggest, then go ahead. Remember we are only here for YOU.

    (I don't really have to put "serious questions only" do I? I know you wouldn't consider anything else)
  • Sorry Arty But when im around it pays to put "serious questions only please"

    So i,ll just get me coat............
  • Artgod what about what day do you most like running on? or will that get you 72% sunday
  • or you could do a what brand of shoes do you run in mostly at the moment?

  • er Zilla .... do some people have more than one pair then .... just off to a running shop to get another pair, to clutter the house with
  • I don't like running Sunday. So I wouldn't put that. I'm a lunchtime man myself. Or is that just lunch?

  • I'm not sure when I like running ... but it's gotta be done aint ... when you've been to the shop to get some shoes that is ...
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