RW: A suggestion!

I'm fairly confident that quite a few of the peole who use the forum (including myself) would love to see an article in RW giving an insight into the London Marathon selection process.
Is it really just luck of the draw?
How are the entries checked (i.e whats to stop people saying the've been rejected more times than they actually have?) What safeguards are in place to stop multiple entries, How does your estimated time affect your chances etc
Forgive me if this has been dealt with before, but I'm sure it would help if some of the mystery of the selection process was explained. does anyone out there feel the same way?


  • Bill I agree with you, I have not problem with a lottery so long as the criteria being used for selection are well advertised before hand.
  • I imagine that the details of the ballot
    process are not discussed in order to
    avoid giving people clues on how to abuse

    However, I do think that there is a good
    argument for the ballot to be independently
    scrutinised so that we can be reassured
    that it is operating fairly.

  • I'd like to fourth this motion !
    It is all very mysterious an cloaked in secrecy. Maybe this adds to the event though ?

    I'm pretty certain it's fair and that nothing underhand goes on. It's all supply and demand, and the race does need to make money.
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