Anyone doing Round a Ripon ?

this will be my first attempt at an ultra and wondered if anyone had done this before ? 


  • Not doing it this year, but it was my first ultra 2 years ago. Very beginner friendly, well organised and friendly. Just make sure you take it VERY easy as far as Masham - the first half is flat, then after Masham the hills start and you need plenty left in the tank! Good luck.

  • Thanks LNandB....  yep, the cut off times at the checkpoints look pretty generous.. my primary concern was naviogational. Ill make sure i study a map but im entirely capable of getting lost.. just wondered re the number of runners and the likelihood of spending long periods running on your own..

  • There were plenty of people; I think I had someone in sight most of the way. I found the nav pretty straight forward, but I am confident with a map! The Ripon Rowel signs are not always obvious so you just have to be a bit careful. I think a few people got lost in some of the wooded bits, but as long as you keep concentrating then you should be fine.

  • thanks again... maybe its a good time to treat myself to a garmin upgrade, im thinking a nice Fenix 2 with pre set GPS points would take the pressure off !  

  • I am doing this race. I expect to be very slow, but hopefully within the cut offs after a bit of a lay-off. We went round from Masham to near the end and you do need to watch the map a little - one of the problems we had at Ilton is specifically mentioned in the race instructions though.

    Perhaps see you there! Steve

  • thanks for the heads up re Ilton Steve... ive emailed the organisers as for some reasons i havent received the recents comms with race day instructions..  i wont be pulling up any trees either with my times.. like you, my goal is to finish without being filtered out at one of th checkpoints...

  • Bernard, well done on your time. I finished as planned without injury which was my number one priority, although I was badly blistered which made the last six miles rather gruelling. I would have better in road shoes as it had been so dry and there was  very little soft track. A good race, although I would have liked a little more options for snacks at CP3. 

  • Hi Steve, i really enjoyed the race.. Tough in parts but i think we were very lucky with the weather.. Like you, I blistered with 5 / 6 miles to go..  I was fortunate to run with a bunch of fantastic runners from Ripon Runners.. Their knowledge of the route was brilliant and without them I'd prob be still wandering round the moors !   for a relatively low key event (130 runners), I thought the organisation was great.. i took loads of gels and energy bars but didn't use any.. ( just needed my bladder pack of juice), Their fruitcake and drinks were enough for me...  Thanks again for your pre race advice 

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