Henley Half Marathon

I managed a 1-27-37 at Henley yesterday, 31 secs outside last weekend's PB. Didnt see any forum vests around, were there any there? What did we all think of the nice hill at Hawley college then?


  • Wife had to work so was left holding the baby. I had intended running it as its just down the road. Marlow?
  • A possibility, Sir BK. Next weekend I am NOT running anywhere after 2 halfs in 8 days, and I should be back fresh for Marlow.
  • Will see you dissapear off into the distance then. Its got a nice hill or two I believe so don't expect a PB that day
  • Thinking of doing Marlow too - I did Henley last year. The hill at 9 miles was an absolute killer, rather like trying to run in treacle. Surely Marlow can't be any tougher!
  • Hi Susie, theres a small Marlow thread in the Events forum
  • Thanks BK....will check it out
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