Feel really cheated

I recently took part in a 24hr multi lap event, only my second, with the intention of beating last years attempt.  

On a lap at night (c11ish) my buddy and I noted that we were only overtaken by one runner, then it was eerily just us, so we were not surprised when we got to the check point to be told that something had occurred and we had to be chaperoned back the rest of the lap by a poor runner who had been asked to wait for us.  When we got back to camp it was deserted bar one person on the finish line who said race suspended tip 6am, everyone else in bed. 

What I am peed off about is that they decided not to count that lap for me, my buddy and the person who had been asked to wait.  It appears that they decided to put a time limit on that lap that we went over, although we had no knowledge of it.

I had got a pb, one more lap than last year, now I don't.  Seems really unfair, and I feel cheated.  I think that if they had decided to suspend race, then at first check point send us back the way we had come, the shorter route.

Just a moan really.




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