I know this has been asked before but I can't find the thread.

I'm due to go in for the op on Thursday and was wondering how long I should expect off running afterwards.

I have a marathon at the end of March and am a bit concerned about missing training at this stage.



  • I think the general conscensus was about a week, depending on how the op is done.
  • Hi there

    My hubby had the op in September.
    He was bruised and unable to run for 3-4 days and then managed a few 'gentle' plods to test things out.
    By a week he was back training if still a little apprehensively.

    Supportive pants helped alot to his speedy recovery.
  • Supportive pants are on order.

    Thanks again. A week doesn't sound that bad I suppose.
  • Hiya, I had it done and ran the Snowdonia marathon 4 weeks later but I can't remember how long I was off running, 2 weeks seems likely.
    2 pairs of underpants and my tightest cycling shorts held things in place though.
  • Oh your plums will go some funny colours I was off 5 weeks post-op infection,still caught up on some reading,playstation,internet,eating,more eating.....
  • Its not all horror stories, I was fine. No problems at all.
  • Had the op last summer. Took a week off just to be sure but felt OK after 4-5 days. The old crown jewels looked like they should have hurt like hell but there was almost no pain at all for me. Didn't tell the wife that though! Make the most of it

  • I had it a few years ago and was able to resume work and exercise a few days later. Like keith says though, milk it as much as you can! :D
  • "Milk it as much as you can"?

    Or get the wife to do it for you.

    OK, I'll get my coat.
  • I had it done many years ago,back running after 3days and raced the following week.But you'll need to support the nuts for a couple of weeks.U won't get a sympathy vote.
  • Was going to get this done in the next few months, but a week off training? No chance!!!
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