Shaibah 10k

Well how's this for one-upmanship! I'm here in sunny Iraq having been called up as a TA nursing officer. The army has organised the Shaibah 10k for the 29th Feb.

Shaibah is the main logistics base here in Southern Iraq. The course is likely to be the old runway - two laps, flat as a pancake but a bit dusty. Should be good for a pb. Anyone?

At least this is one t-shirt that no one else in Stafford Harriers will have! There is talk as well of a Basrah half marathon but details to be confirmed.

The training here is a bit boring. It's very, very flat and featureless. The longest uninterupted route is the sandy track around the perimeter fence which is about 12k. Otherwise its the old runways which make an almost exact 5k track. I normally go out at 6am when it's quite chilly. I go round and round and round and round...

Hey RW, what about that for a 'rave run' - The perimeter fence at Shaibah log. base! Send a photographer and I'll pose for it. Great views of the oil fires and lots and lots of barbed wire.

My tour of duty ends in May. I'll never complain about multi-lap events again!


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Sadly it clashes with the Bramley 20 or I would have joined you. Hope it goes well.
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