PB at Woodford Cross Country

Saturday 12 October was the first in the 5 race Metropolitan X/C League. last year I finished last in all but one race. On saturday, despite feeling a bit under the weather, I finished in the 5 mile flatish course in 38.58. Thats bout 40 seconds off my previous best for a road course (Gt Bentley). True, X/C courses are not always that accurate, but time asside, I ran well, was never in last place and was able to retake 2 other runners with 600mtrs to go and actually got into a sprint duel with one of them over the last 200. Absolutely nothing left as I crossed the line but absolutely brilliant.



  • No wonder I couldnt find the thread, you have only just posted it :)

    Well done Jenks, sounds like you had an excellent result, did Adele run too?
  • Jenks,
    nice one mate, a PB on a X/C course is a spectacular result.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Jenks, all that hard training has started to pay off. Well done.
  • Thanks for the kind comments, and yes NN my partner Adele did run in the senior womens race and although feeling worse cold symptoms than me, managed to finish 31st out of a field of over 100. They run a 2.5 mile course and started the women 2 minutes after the under 17 boys, so they had something to chase. Adele was also competing with 3 others for the team prize (Newham & Essex Beagles) with the other 3 women placed 1st, 9th, 18th and 21st (approx), still waiting to find out where they came.


  • Jenks, well done to Adele also, I like the way you say "so they had something to chase" :)
  • They managed to catch a lot of them as well
  • Urghhh cross country! I did my first ever race on Saturday, a gentle 6km over Epsom Downs and hated every minute of it!!! Not only were there long hills, but long grass as well... never again, from now on its road running only for me!!!
  • Spans, don't give in so easily, although x/c is undoubtably herd and unpleasant, especially on steep hills and deep mud, it is brilliant as a strength builder through the winter. Stick with it and see your road times improve next year. It's no shame to walk parts of a X/C course either in my book. Some of the assents are drned near impossible to run up anyway.

    Go on, you can do it.

  • Well done jenks, sounds like you had a good run.

    Spans it's tough it's dirty but how can you not enjoy it? OK I know it's not for everyone, but as jenks says it really does help with leg strength.
    Well done on your first one! Why not try a few more before deciding on doing road runs only.
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