Re: A race for us all to meet

Excuse the repetition from Events, just to be sure you don't miss this in case it's already in your Forum race diary for next year, as it should be.

Don't know why I was convinced it was on the Sunday but just dug out the form and it's in fact on Sat 22/3. Hope that's perhaps more convenient for some of you.


  • And here's a link with an entry form:
  • Thanks Laura. You're safe at the GNR, no picture
  • I would very much like to meet up with other runners to run for fun and maybe do a charity event.

     I recently received an email from an organisation called that allowed runners to create mini clubs whereby they could meet up with other runners in their area and train for events or just run with them for fun.  It was even possible to organise shared transport to events. It sounded pretty unique. The link I got was . Anyway just thought it might be of interest. Anyone got any ideas on it? Or would like to join it and start some local running for fun clubs so that we can finally all meet together.
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