Help - The Energy Cupboard is Bare!

Am running low this month and there isn't much left when I get back from work to get me out there running.

Does anyone have any suggestions for mid-morning/mid afternoon snacks that keep me going physically and perk me up mentally so that I don't talk myself out of my evening run?

Will chocolate do the trick?

(someone say yes!!)


  • yes

    sorry had my fingers crossed

    you need something that mixes proteinn and carbs and has a lowish GI ideally - PB on wholemeal toast? fruit and a milky drink?
    yoghurt and fruit?



    it's Feb now and getting lighter so that may perk us all up

    oh and make sure you are having enough water, and no harm in taking a multi vit, even if just to remind yourself that you are worth looking after

    (but, as I have said before elsewhere, never take nutritional advice from a fat lady)


    according to this you can have choc chip cookies though (seems unlikel?)

    oh and nuts are good :-)
    (we knew that though didn't we girls)
  • Thanks flr - I think energy levels may also be directly disproportionate to soaring credit cards, so hopefully now Jan is shoved kicking and screaming into the bin, then the days and wallet will be getting lighter.

    Now then, where's that extra large choc chip cookie....flr says it's ok.

    I guess if you do hit the calories hard, you have to go out running just to get rid of them!

  • ah

    the old energy - credit card bill negative correlation

    well, if you don't tell us all your symptoms how can we be expected to diagnose????????????

    Got £40 in interest charges cos paid mine a day late (flr does labour breathing trying not to think about the waste, that could ahve gone to a good cause like someone's flm charityor a new pair of Asics or a lot of choc chip cookies........)

    oh of course you can have things like chicken if you don't feel cannibal about eating birds?
  • I have no moral objections to chickens - so long as they're not from Thailand. They are far too stupid and ugly compared to the graceful Galah race. (BTW - we taste horrible so don't eat us, ever).

    My trouble is finding snacks that aren't calorific but that beat the mid-morning and mid-afternoon slumps. I'm always tempted to cakes and chocolates but know that I should be eating fruit, nuts and berries.

    Is there something that combines the two?

    Further thoughts welcome!

  • ummm

    you need calories to run

    there's almost certainly some awful fruit and bran cake you could make ...

  • I like those Go Ahead biscuity things, 4 in each lttle pack, very tasty.
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