It's not just us mere mortals

That makes me feel better. The worlds greatest female runner "I nearly had to drop out at mile 22/23 as I was deperate for the loo but the feeling just went"

She then had time for interviews.
Where does that feeling go?


  • Not wishing to be pedantic, but we don't actually know it was a pee she needed!
  • ...or whether or not the feeling of needing to go went! Not Paula, surely!
  • If you were on to beat the world record and erm I think get a bonus of £97 grand plus a car would you stop for a pee or even a No 2 ?
  • I've just read on the BBC:

    'Paula Radcliffe has revealed she may give up marathon running next season in a bid to focus on her track commitments. '
  • No way, Bobolink. I wouldn't hesitate to pee my knickers (or worse) in full view of the world's television cameras for a much lesser reward.
  • Don't blame her, WW. She doesn't have anything to prove to anyone now, and nobody - surely - runs marathons because they ENJOY the experience.
  • Fantastic - I'm going to run Chicago 2003 in 2:17!!!

  • Take some loo roll!
  • Velociraptor

    I do!!
  • You do what, Slaphead? Pee your pants while racing or run marathons for fun?
  • Very good! I obviously need to think about my replies before clicking that, 'too late now 'Submit'' button!! - run marathons for fun of course! although I have been caught short for a No 2 on more than one occasion but we won't go into that just now eh?!
  • I'm not a good runner or anything, but when did the robin hood half marathon I enjoyed it more than any race I have done before (not that I've done loads!) Anyway I digress, for about the last mile I was dying for a pee and even if I'd seen a toilet I decided I wasn't going to stop. This is a bit odd because if anyone had asked me before - and even now I spose - I'd say there was no way I would wet myself in a race!! But I decided that if I really needed to go - and I wet myself - then stuff it. Utterly ridiculous if even Paula Radcliff would not wet herself! What was I thinking of!
  • Catherine McKiernan did a No.2 in her shorts when she won London (98?) as did Grete Waitz when wining in New York a few years ago, while Steve Jones had the good grace to stop along the Embankment to do his stuff when winning London in 1985.

  • do they actually keep moving whilst all that is going on in their pants?
  • Note to self: have tea, then read forums!
    Oh well, I wonder what the "windy runs" thread is about...
  • Isnt there some law making it illegal to talk about Paula and toilet matters together. OK, she did at the end of the race but that doesnt give the rest of you the right to ponder about about the private matters of she, of whom we are not worthy. Now stop it.
  • My best for a Half was spurred on by my depserately wanting to go to the loo. At the time I thought it was slowing me down, but I improved by 9 mins or so.
    And it obviously worked for Paula too.
    Try it !!
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