City of Liverpool 10km

2,600ish took part, quite a chilly start, difficult trying to keep warm before start, well organised, apart from no toilet roll in the ladies loo at the leisure centre. Good banter and plenty of encouragement from others during race. Got shin splints at 2km's, eventually settled in at around 5km, sprinted in to finish in approx 72 mins, enjoyed the run and felt I could have carried on. Only real complaint where was the orange juice at 5km and at the end, why do they advertise they are going to supply it then don't, in future I will take my own regardless .


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Good one WW. It's good you finished feeling "fresh" as it shows you are capable of running much faster.

    Are the shin splints a common occurrence
  • Drew, yes and no to shin splints, I bought new trainers about a 5/6 weeks ago, and yes from a proper running shop, was advised I needed motion control, but had shin splints on a couple of runs, so have not worn them for the last 2 weeks and stuck to my old tried and trusted trainers yesterday. Could it be getting cold at start of race? I think I might try running in compression socks (if they're good enough for PR)and see how they go. And yes it's good to be able to sprint in but frustrating not to be able to put that effort into the race and get a faster time. I guess its interval training once a week for me.
  • Well done WW. It was nice speaking to you - even if it was briefly.

    All the results are now posted on - some photos too.
  • Codfather what time did you do?
  • finished in 43.52 last year 46.21 tunnel 10k 43.33 last year 45.47
    i am getting better but would love to run under 42.00.i never seem to feel strong and get a second wind,could anyone give tips on food to eat before a race etc
  • Hi WW
    My official time was 57.22 - Though it took so long to actually get started I think it was closer to 56 mins (can't be sure of this cos I accidently pressed 'stop' instead of 'lap' on my watch - 1st time I'd used it !!)
    Will you be running Walton in December??
  • Tell me more.
  • WW
    Go to - I think it'll be a 5K but I've seen it advertised as a 5M too. They were giving out forms at Garston. I'm also doing the 5M at Hale on the 15th December.
  • Hale 5M is a good un. The Speke Boxing 10k has been cancelled though.
  • FF
    Yeah I heard the Hale race is a good one to do, hence...
    Have you heard about the Wheelton Through the Villages Race? Apparently it's 8 miles and 700 yards??? A friend says they were giving out forms at Garston but I didn't get one - Any idea.
    Also do you do the Seaside runs, are they on the Wirral? So many questions?
  • That nice Mike S gave me info on Seaside runs but other questions still stand...if you can be bothered!
  • Obviously not!
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