Cambridge Wildlife Trust 10k

Ran in the Cambridge Wildlife Trust 10k yesterday, and was wondering if anyone knows the age categories and top times for each. I ran and want to place myself.


  • I believe the organisers are posting the results to all competitors.
  • Thanks Maureen.
  • This was a very popular run this year. I arrived about an hour before the start and they were making an announcement that they couldn't accept any more entries on the day, because they'd reached the 750 limit.
    I think 600 ran last year.

    The weather was more or less perfect, not too hot or cold and not actually raining, although very overcast by the end. I thought the course was a bit repetitive - two not identical laps, but most of it felt very similar. Quite restrictive as we were on pavements most of the time, and for one stretch on a narrow footpath.

    Quite a lot of slower runners (me included) so can be recommended for beginners who are nervous about being last. You'll have to wait for someone else if you want to know how it felt at the front. Nice medal, no T-shirt. They'd run out of Jordan's cereal bars by the time I'd finished, but I don't like them anyway.
  • Has anybody received the results yet. How can I get a copy?
  • The results are now up on the Cambridge Wildlife Trust website, but I was very disappointed to find that having finished my very first 10K (I have the medal to prove it!) I've been left out of the results. Has this happened to anyone else ?
  • Do you have the website address?
  • The web address is
  • Excellent! Thank you.
  • Great! I now know exactly how bad my result was!
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