leek half

is anyone runnning in the leek half marathon,need some details on it,whats it like,any tips


  • I ran this in 1998. It is very good; extremely hilly but good fun. It added on 10 minutes to my normal time; but was a hot day.

  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    I hate this race - it's a stinker. It seems to be all up hill apart from the down hill bits which are too steep to really get running on.

    I'll be doing it again this year
  • Its a cracking race! Hilly as hell! In a class of its own really. Think of it as a fell race on roads. Its also one of the most beautiful races I've ever done.
  • how does Leek compare to say Mansfield, Clowne or Keyworth which I know ?

    The worst in memory was Rubery - never again !

    see you all next weekend whatever. :)
  • This was the first half I ever did and my club thought it would put me off for life,
    no I did it again and again and this year hopefully again, nice cakes etc. on sale afterwards, well organised too.
  • Hi, Can anyone give me directions from the A50 to registration on the day? Ta.
  • It is hard, hilly, usually very hot and one of the most challenging half marathons I have done.

    It is also very scenic, well organised and a race not to be missed. This will be my seventh consecutive year and I rate it my favourite road half marathon.
  • How does it compare with the Buxton half for hillyness ?
  • Congratulations to all who finished this excellent, well orgainsed race. Its even better now that the refurbished sports centre provides superb changing and shower facilities. A perfect day for it too - cool and overcast but not so much that it spoit the wonderful views.
  • HigsHigs ✭✭✭
    My love/hate relationship with this race goes on! I've been doing more hill training this year so I didn't struggle as much. As a result I could enjoy the scenery. Actually I think the big difference was I knew what to expect this year. Last year I was told "It's a bit hilly". Anyway 8 minutes faster this year which looks good for a PB at Lake Vyrnwy
  • What a great race ! It was my slowest race in about two years of halves and I can honestly say it was the toughest I have ever had the pleasure of finishing .
    I could not believe how tired I was after only 6 miles..and then it really went uphill! Scenic,good weather and great people - thanks to unknown of Holmes Chapel and Cameron from Birmingham for the support. see you next year !

  • Are there any online results available ?

  • Online results are available from
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