Trionium Leith Hill Half-Marathon

This is a tiny local-ish race, with only 200-or so entrants in 2015, but it was quite popular with the runners who took part. The UK Wife Carrying Race at 10.30 is always a popular pre-event spectacle (and should also be undertaken by all runners who wish to have a truly complete running CV). Anyone interested?


  • Just signed up - fantastic event.

  • Congatulations on being the best event n 2015. Always gets my vote. Now to start training.

  • Cheers Ben. No pressure then! The only way is down!

  • So looking forward to this event image

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately clashes with this years Essex 20, my county championships so won't be at Leith Hill, disappointed to say the least - I so enjoy your runs Dr Rob, although how you will follow last years wife-carrying race featuring the lovely Tina I do not know!
  • Well, senidM, they are back again for another go!

    There are loads of races on the same day... sorry for the clashes. Biggest shame for me is that we clash with the Steyning Stinger - which is a classic in its own right and which is a race that I've run and 'enjoyed' before. I saw Sally Gunnell out walking her dogs, while I was running it once. She lives in Steyning.

  • What's the best way to prepare the quads for the pain of half-marathoning Leith Hill? image

    Is there a cutoff time?

  • WinterFlower - there is no cut-off time. Just find some hills and incorporate them into your training - up and down, up and down. Pace yourself and you'll be laughing.

  • Good luck runners.
  • Well that was a lot of fun.

    First off road race.

    Loved it
  • Yeah that was a great run, going up those steps in the last mile were a killer!

  • That but was horrible!

    Any idea when the results are out?

    Am guessing a little while yet understandably
  • Rob's usually pretty quick uploading preliminary results & photos, but he does have the wife-carry results to sort out as well. Probably tomorrow.
  • Cheers
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