Dursley Dozen

Anyone out there doing what is one of the better off-road races in the area? With this weeks forecast of wetter and wetter the mud should be in prime condition by Sunday and yes, you do need the rope to get up the final climb!


  • So.... I'm on my own then?
  • I'll be there. Never done it before, but going with some others from my club & they say it's hard work, but fun, so I'm looking forward to it (in that mad saddistic runners way!!)

    See you there :o)
  • I'll be there with my wife. I've done it before but it's her first time - should be VERY interesting if it rains much more before Sunday
  • Andy, the DD is a truly Classic event, sadly I won't be there this year

    DWaRP if you're running wear some good off roaders,and-- you don't get disqualified by using the ropes on 9 1/2 mile climb!!! Also it starts and finishes by a great pub!!! This race will keep you in runner's anecdotes for a while. One to tell the grandchildren about. My mate, "Satchel Foot" ran it once,"never again " he groaned.Good luck.
  • Thanks GotG for the advice. I've got my off road shoes ready - they're still caked in mud from the club's mad xmas run (which included frozen lakes!!)

    I'm really looking forward to it. I've got some family in Dursley so they're going to cheer me on. I've spent many a happy childhood Sunday searching for lost golf balls on the course too, so I'm getting a bit sentimental about it.

    See you all Sunday...
  • Fox on the run and myself will be there and Jane also from Yeovil Town.We have not done this race for a few years and it is nice to know the climb at 9 1/2 mls is still there
  • Less than 48hrs to go - sounds as if it'll be colder this weekend. Off=road shoes a must!
  • Great Race well worth the trip up from Somerset and the weather was kind as well. A deer decided to run out a couple of feet in front me just about the 3 1/2 mile stage which made me jump if only I could run as fast as her/him!
    Well done to Dursley & District A.C,
    A no frills event at the right price and sensible prizes.
    Execellent we will be back.
  • What a great day! Heard about the deer incident - that's a first in my running experience.

    How about this for consistency - just 2 seconds slower than last year! At this rate of decline I'll still be in the top 150 when I'm 90 or so!
  • What a great run - great views, good weather, great mud & hills, and lovely people. I kept being offered blokes hands to help pull me up the hills - thanx to you all... xx

    Can't wait to do it again next year... I think my legs will have just about recovered by then. Must admit, I haven't felt this knackered after a race for ages, so it must have been good.
  • When I read the end of the first line of the last post I thought I must have been in a different race - no-one offered me a bloke all the way round!
  • what can I say, you either got it or you ain't.... ;o)

  • drinker with running problem... sounds like your a hasher (drinkers with a running problem)...

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