Running watch recommendations ?

Hi everyone,

I have a Timex Ironman Flix 100 and use it all the time in races. It seems fine for me although I can understand why some would find it a bit fiddly and the function buttons aren't exactly intuitive. I'm also not keen on the fairly small split time displays which are just about impossible for my aging eyes during a race.

My partner is getting into running and is harping on about having her own watch with suitable functions ... dunno what's wrong with a travel alarm clock and a rubber band - but she's fickle :-)

So, who thinks their watch is fantastic, easy to use with clear displays ?

I must admit, I don't use 100 memory locations on mine .. 26 at most for marathon mile splits - then I put the results into a spreadsheet .. dunno why, doesn't seem to make me go any faster !

So, it needs to hold and recall at most 26 times.

But I do like being able to set the watch to bleep at various time intervals for speed sessions and for telling me when I should be at mile or km markers in races. That would also be a necessity for any watch considered.

Any suggestion for a suitable timepiece for her outdoors ?

Thanks and good running



  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I switched from a Timex Ironman to some funky Reebok watch with big buttons and a clear display ´cos I thought it would be easier to use.

    I killed it in a year - not doing anything special, just usual use. And all the funky graphics on it rubbed off in weeks.

    Now back to the Ironman - absolutely indestructable. But they´re not exactly pretty, I admit.
  • Love my Ironman...£24.99 from Argos. 30 lap memory. Cant go wrong.
  • I have a Casio watch (don't know the name) that has a built in pedometer, stopwatch and countdown interval timer. It saves up to 30 laps. Once you have calibrated the pedometer (only took a couple of miles) it tells you the distance you have run and your pace. It is available from Argos for £14 - £15 I think. Mine is several years old and still works fine.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    My freebie RW watch died on me in the Liverpool 1/2m in September so I bought a cheap (£15) Timex one. All I care about is start & stop. It's nothing special but then neither am I!
  • I have a Timex Rush VO2 - nice big face as i'm short sighted. Also features:
    stopwatch with 50 laps
    light that stays on for 5 seconds
    two timers
    ordinary clock.
    Nice big buttons
    Battery seems to last about 18 months, depending on how many times i use the timers - the beepers seem to run it down quite quickly.
    Cost about £30 from Natterjack running a few years back.
  • Thanks for the replies, everyone - she settled for a Timex Ironman in the end as I'm happy with mine and everyone else seems pleased with them too.

    His 'n' Hers watches, eh ?

    Please don't point and laugh if you see us pounding the Derbyshire trails comparing watch displays :-)
  • I'm with Lagerman (perhaps this should worry me) - got an Ironman 30 lap at 24.99 from Argos too, and it's just the job for me (as a hopeless plodder).
  • Has anyone tried the NIKE SPEED/DISTANCE MONTITOR? Is it as good as it sounds?
  • I just think my Nike watch is just brilliant. 120 laps which means I can store the weeks training & then put them on my computer when I have time. Also great for on hoilday's too. £70 is a lot of money though & all the blue colouring is coming off. What I really want is it n red {club colours]
  • There is a huge thread already running on Speed & Distance Monitors - I have a Timex 50 Lap SDM which I love (although the 100 lap has extra features!) Unfortunately with SDM's you are looking at a whole new price range ... £200+ !!!

    As for the Nike SDM it seems to be riddled with problems ... see the thread and decide for yourself !
  • Is yours the timex with the GPS, I want one.
  • It sure is and you are right to want one ... they are good !

    Expensive but good ....
  • I am lookimg to purchase a new watch as my Timex Ironman 8 lap memory is coming to an end with now various strap parts and the face wareing out. I also have a Polar Accurex heart rate monitor and although there is nothing wrong with it , it is nearly 8 yrs old.I have had a replacemnt battery in the watch and a new strap about 2 years ago, but im am now wondering if i could switch to a speed - distance one or a heart rate watch with a download. I must have big memory on it and easy buttons to use. Has anybody tried the new timex i-control stopwatch would be interested in that as well
  • GradgeGradge ✭✭✭
    I love my NIKE watch with 50 looks great and the only problem is the durability.I needed a new strap and sent it back to Nike who replaced the complete watch with the new updated version.The watch was some 3 years old - so I got a new watch foc!!The battery only lasts around 9 months .i did have an Ironman watch which seemed to last forever.Not sure which one I will purchase next time though.
  • Dear Santa.....
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