Running tights actually designed for men....?

Firstly, I'm a very new runner having been bitten by the running bug 6 months ago when I quit my 40 Marlboro Reds a day habit. I'm enjoying the benefits,but do suffer from leg cramps and pains when out. I decided to give a pair of tights a go and I really feel the benefit of my current 3/4 Nike tights, but I'm looking for some full length ones now and am faced with a problem which I can find no answer for.


There's no way of asking this without being somewhat graphic, but why does it seem that most men's tights are not actually designed for men at all?? If they are, then they are designed for men with a Ken doll proportioned lower-region. They either have a middle seam to create some God-awful separation of the testicles (a kind of male camel toe), or the ones that do actually have side seams, have so little fabric between the seems that the penis gets squashed up underneath the balls!


I'm not looking for a kind of codpiece type of apparell, just something that will actually be comfortable to run in. Does such a male tight exist, or do I have to put up with the cramps and pain that running through the woods in the cold rain of England seems to cause me?


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    There are no 3/4 length tights for men so you must have some massive orbs to wear themimage

    Ron hill tracksters are what you need. They even come in a men's version. They can be had for less than 15 quid inc post form wiggle, Achilles heel etc.
  • Not sure I understand the comment mate. They're 3/4 men's running tights with side seams. The length of which Nike does a ton of different versions; Pro Combat, Essentials, Elements.....The Ronhill Tracksters have the previously mentioned middle seam. Thanks for the advice, but that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

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    Like he says, Ron Hill Tracksters. You would wear wicking undies under them or shorts so the seam issue shouldn't arise. I've been running in them for years and while my ageing body is always looking for new and interesting ways in which to chafe, it hasn't happened down there yet with the Tracksters. They're meant to fit a bit loose round there.

  • Do you always buy clothes four sizes too small? Doing that and then wearing them up around your armpits like Simon Cowell is the only way you'll get a bollock cameltoe from the Ronhill tracksters image


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    Perhaps I got it the wrong way round. Maybe it is not that they don't do men's Capri pants/pedal pushers, it might just be that I have never ever seen a man wearing them. Ever.

    If Ron hills are splitting your atoms then there is no hope.
  • Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. I'll hunt down the Ronhill ones.

    As for never seeing men wearing capris, well they're pretty comfortable and I also wear shorts over them. So I'm sure if be well and truly sneered at by seasoned/snoby runners anyway! ;P

  • I have some decathlon / kalenji capris and the are marked "home" 

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    ^^ that means you should only wear them indoors fella image ^^

    FCB, wearing shorts over said pedal pushers puts it into another category which I can not comment on.

    Just get some tracksters and enjoy unsplit atoms. They are not flash or trendy but they just work. I use mine when the feel like temp is below zero and they are awesome.
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    Surely can't be long before the trend of brightly coloured and patterned tights reaches the domain of male legwear.

    Just difficult to know what shorts you'd wear on top of them.

  • Stupid iPad....."homme" 

    wore them for IM Nice last year, and no one commented 

  • Zut Alors !

    I do have some 3/4's for Autumn and cold spring cycling days - but with running - its always shorts. Its just easier and you soon warm up.
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    Yeah but to be fair you trisexuals follow your own rulesimage
  • That's very true...
  • shorts over longs, even half length longs, is just plain wrong.  One or the other, not both!  Forget splitting the atom(s) - you will cook the bloody things with so much material between your legs.


  • nice sharing!!
  • Have you tried cycling longs / tights? Just make sure you try ones *without* a pad (used in cycling to cushion the area most in contact with the saddle).
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  • HA77 said:
    RunningChat - are advertising your own running forum on this forum? Cheeky bugger.

    It’s not my forum, I’m just a member looking to find other runners to chat to. I did look to see if there were any signature rules but couldn’t find any. Can you point me in the right direction?
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