Running tights actually designed for men....?

Firstly, I'm a very new runner having been bitten by the running bug 6 months ago when I quit my 40 Marlboro Reds a day habit. I'm enjoying the benefits,but do suffer from leg cramps and pains when out. I decided to give a pair of tights a go and I really feel the benefit of my current 3/4 Nike tights, but I'm looking for some full length ones now and am faced with a problem which I can find no answer for.


There's no way of asking this without being somewhat graphic, but why does it seem that most men's tights are not actually designed for men at all?? If they are, then they are designed for men with a Ken doll proportioned lower-region. They either have a middle seam to create some God-awful separation of the testicles (a kind of male camel toe), or the ones that do actually have side seams, have so little fabric between the seems that the penis gets squashed up underneath the balls!


I'm not looking for a kind of codpiece type of apparell, just something that will actually be comfortable to run in. Does such a male tight exist, or do I have to put up with the cramps and pain that running through the woods in the cold rain of England seems to cause me?


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