Pony Express 2016 - Newbie in every respect

Afternoon All

I'm new here - so apologies in advance for any daft questions.

I'm due to run (I use that term extremely loosely) the Pony Express as my first ever ultra in 2016. I'm doing both days.

I have a multitude of questions - one of which is kit related. I don't ever run with a pack/vest & keen to know how much I really need to carry. I'm looking at either the Saloman S Lab 5 or 12 litre. Will the 5 litre pack suffice? 

Keen to hear anyone's views!!

Cheers for your help!


  • Here is the kit list :

    Long trousers / leggings

    Thermal top

    Buff / Warm hat



    Emergency silver blanket

    Mobile phone fully charged with ICE (in case of emergency) contact saved in your phonebook

    Head torch and spare batteries (absolutely vital)

    It doesnt look to be a huge amount. And there are cheaper bags - check out the OMM range - I've had good use out of those - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/omm-ultra-12-marathon-pack/
  • Cheers for such a quick response & the thoughts on the OMM - much appreciated.

    I'm keen to keep pack size to a minimum - so may purchase a couple of sizes & suss out the packing.

    Now i just need to worry about the training...

  • Packs are very personal. You are meant to try them for fit - like shoes.

    Looks a fun event !
  • Although this is compulsory for a lot of ultras and sensible advice, in the case of this event you can probably get away with a lot less.  It's 30 miles each day in early May and even Bear manages to waddle to the end in daylight on day 1 - day 2 starts even earlier so the headtorch is not cumpulsory, although a small torch is advisable as you might need it if you need to get to get up in the night and you may as well carry it with you..  At that time of year a light waterproof/windproof jacket should suffice, although buffs are always useful, ditto space blanket.  The route passes along or near roads at fairly frequent stages and Being a Bank Holiday weekend there are usually quite a lot of people around so it is unlikely you will find yourself stranded for long.  The only thing Neil insists on for this event is a fully charged mobile phone to be kept switched on.  One item that can be useful is an old fashioned compass so at least you can tell if you are heading in the right general direction if your gps fails for any reason.

    It is a lovely event - enjoy!

  • *Waves at Bear*  You doing the Pilgrims again?

  • Waves back - will probably just do one day as I'm having  major building work done which will last well into next year so only have weekends to straighten out mess and catch up on sleep (they arrive quite early).

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