Race Report - City of Liverpool 10K


Felt excited about this one as any sporting event I had taken part in in Liverpool had always been very competitive. The weather was a bit chilly I had difficulty staying warm before the race started.

Alan Black was doing a good job creating some atmosphere over the tannoy at the start of the race.

A lot of runners at the start but getting away wasn't too difficult as it was on a dual carriageway with two starts one for sub 45 and one for the rest.

I was hoping to get around the forty-minute mark, hit 1k in 4:10 and 2k in 8:08 now for the hill which I found extremely difficult in the Liverpool half marathon. Hit 3k in 12:38,

so I had lost 30 seconds up the hill, managed to claw some back going downhill to 4k at 16:25 (you never seem to get back down the hill what you loose going up it!). Big crowd lined the streets around 5k which I managed to get

through in 20:25. First time my hands had felt warm, but this was a bit slower than I had hoped for, so it was going to be difficult in the second half. I had practised running negative splits in training but not at this pace. Hit 6K in 24:38 and 7K at 28:56.

Breathing was getting quite heavy now and deep down I knew the 40 minute mark was probably out of reach. I still had a good chance of a new personal best.

Looking ahead on the flat sections there seemed to be loads and loads of runners in front of me. 8K was reached in 33:18 and 9K in 37:40.

Managed to complete the course in 41:30 (Offical time 41:40) so beat my personal best (previously 42:48 in the Mersey Tunnel event).

A very enjoyable race with a large field (2400 runners), big crowds, clearly visible kilometers markers and a flattish course. I hope to do this one again next year.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    BA, sounds like a good course (apart for the hill) Well done on your PB.
  • Well done Tony - the PB is improving at an alarming rate!
    Hope to be able to give this a go next year if it doesn't clash with Chester Zoo.

    See you in 2 weeks time for last Seaside Run?
  • Nice one mate,
  • Hello

    Thanks for your support chaps.


    Yes, see you in two weeks.

  • Well done Tony on your PB.
    All the advice is to keep a training diary and to chart progress.
    Nobody mentions charting your decline! Next year I will be an OAP and it is a little depressing to see the graph heading downhill.
    I thought the course was great and the hill wasn't a problem, just the pace.
    I managed 46-12 with an official time of 46-16 so I shouldn't complain. The event was very well organised and the result service is tremendous - full results on the net within hours of finishing.
    Certainly an event worth supporting.
  • Barbat
    I've no idea what COGRATS are so CONGRATS!
    and to you too Chris.
  • Thanks Chris

    The results service is great Joe Lee Computing do have things organised very well.

    Dealing with a decline in performance can be difficult but I think you should be proud of your time, after all you are still running times that lots of others aspire to.
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