I have just received the results for Kingston and I came 57th out of 922!!!!

even chuffter than I was before!!!

Anyone else seen em?


  • Hi Jon

    Not suprised you were very quick.
    I came 700th out of 919. and 251th out of 408 women So very happy

    Nice course I really enjoyed this one.
  • Well done, thought you finished in a quick time, haven't seen the results yet.
  • TB

    you came 535th

    Get you next time :-)

    Jon you actually 54th double well done
  • Where did you get the result?
  • Have a spreadsheet from human race. email me and I will send it to you.

  • Congrats Jon, great result. Going to do Cabbage Patch next week then?
  • Won't see you for dust then at Brighton. Well done
  • Jon/JJ, I haven't recieved my spreadsheet yet, where did I come please?


  • Still chuffed! If it wasn't for work today I'd be wandering around with a huge grin on my face!

    Venom: NO!
    BK: You will! Venom here reckons I'll be ahead of him in brighton, but with a demonic 10 mile time like his, he'll be miles ahead of me!!!
  • Oh my manners, where are they?

    Well done guys and girls!!
  • Caz: 341

    Well done everyone!
  • Jon, cheers, I was 71 in the ladies I think judging by the site. The time's wrong on there as normal.
  • Don't say that... My time wentt down by 2 seconds!!!
  • Jon, don't worry I'm sure as you were up the front there were no hold ups getting your time recorded!
  • David 144. Shade over 1 hour official.
  • 35th 'vet' tho :>)
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    All I can see on the site are the women's results for the 8 miles- whats this spread sheet?

    My time was 1:19:51 officially - just under 80 minutes!
  • Hey Caz

    You were 25th in your female age catagory. Well done :-)
  • I was 55th in mine, not too bad for an old overweight mother of 2 :-)
  • 25th!! Blimey!! <THUD>

    Oops just fell off my chair.

    BLIMEY!! 25TH!!

    Hang on, out of how many?
  • annajo

    John from HR asked for people to verify times before he posted them on the web. He sent a spreadheet to those who replied. This is what I have.

    Very interesting it is too :-)
  • Well done Josie!
  • Caz

    25th out of 99(approx) Well done !!!!
  • Mine was 55th out of about 90
  • Josie, cheers!

    A wee bevy tonight me thinks, YAY!
  • Jon

    Just noticed your age range, You toy boy you :-)
  • Hi All

    Results very bizarre ran with Snoop Dogg as mentioned before , we crossed the line virtually together , but I finished 13 secs behind him!!!!!!
    Thought I let him go through in front ( age before beauty and all that )
  • I'm a real spring chicken me!!!
  • Congrats to all for a well-organised race.

    Very much enjoyed it, with the huge added bonus that I qualified for London - really unexpected. Yeah!
  • Well done Peter!
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