You need new shoes when...

I was running along today when I noticed a draft around my toes. My shoes have been letting in water for a while but this was something new. Anyway when I turned them up - I could see the underside of my big toe visible through a hole that had worn through the rubber, through the midsole, through the suede and finally through my sock.

I suppose I'll have to buy a new pair after only a 1,000 miles !


  • whattt!!!!
  • Only a few miles then!

    I bet you're someone who suffers none or few injuries too?!
  • of course he is - he's a minimalist shoe - non-heel striker - his body knows how to absorb shock.
    And midsole deformation after 400M is hardly a reason to but new shoes when your shoe has littl or no midsole... :-)
  • Good news - I don't need a new pair just yet as I've just found another pair of socks in my drawer :-)
  • LOL - funny, but probably true... :-D
  • I've mentioned this elsewhere but with no reply. After (almost exactly) three miles my left foot goes numb. I do need to change my shoes but is there a darker issue? how does my foot know when to go numb at three miles?
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