URW Tri club

What would stop us from creating a low key/ tri /running club? If we all joined together we could get cheaper entry to races /tri's AND the BTA.
You wouldn't need insurance for races as BTA covers that, we wouldn't be organizing anything so no liability,
As there would be virtually no admin there would be virtually no (if any) joining fee. Just a list of members.
Just a thought.


  • We did think of this for the URWFRC - but it seemed too much work for not much benefit.

    If you are an affilliated club you'd need to pay for it, so you'd need all the meetings minutes and officers to go with it. Swiss Bobby is proposing thta we become more official to protect the members in key posts - if you have kit, then you'll need a kit secretary etc.

    See the thread on URWFRC about it.
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