Am i doing enough

I am currently training for a x-country competition in November which is 3 1/2 miles. I am training at the minute 5 times a week consisting of 3 x 7 mile run, a speed/hill session and a 2 1/2 mile fast run. Am i doing the right sort of training and enough? Please can someone give me a few tips.




  • Hi Nici

    My training is similar to yours and I'm doing cross country this season.

    Weekly training for me consists of
    1 long easy run (8 miles +)
    1-2 steady runs (3-8 miles)
    1 strength session (hills/hilly fartlek)
    1 speed session (reps)
    1 paced run (tempo/out & back)

    I did my first cross country for 10 years a couple of weeks ago and found I had plenty of endurance, the distance wasn't a problem, I just had no speed and the hill at the end completely did me in. Hence the two shorter sessions each week.

    Hope that is of some help.

  • Thanks Lanny for writing to me.

    How old are you. I am 19 and am just trying to get back into running after a break of nearly 2 years. I will maybe incorporate another speed session into my training just to be safe.

    How long are the x-country's that you do?
  • Hi Nici

    I'm 29 now and although I have always trained I stopped racing when I was about 17 and just ran now and again to keep fit. The college years have a lot to answer for.

    I've been training properly now for about a year and did some track races in the summer. I was quite surprised as I can still run the around the same times that I could when I was 16. Mind you it feels alot harder now.

    The cross country races range from around 2K up to 8k although I don't think I will be doing any of the longer ones. 10k is ok on the road but I think it will be a different story over the country.

    Next race is in a couple of weeks time - hopefully it will go better than the last one.

    Fingers crossed.
  • I’m about to do my first season of x-country this year and I’m looking forward to it as the club I run with are in the local 1st division - although I’m a lot slower than the rest of them

    The races we do up here in the North East look to be between 8k and 10k

  • This will be the first x-country that i have done in 2 years, so its just to see what standard i am running at. Did a really hard 7 mile run last night, looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.

    What training is everyone donig this week?

  • My first proper X-country season too, although I'll still be doing road and fell races.
    Monday - Rest (swim)
    Tuesday - Swim + Hill reps
    Wednesday - Recovery run - 6miles.
    Thursday - 6-8 miles with efforts.
    Friday - Swim and party!
    Saturday - Swim + short run or Trail race.
    Sunday - Long run or 10K race.

    Wouldn't normally do two races, but I'm feeling enthusiastic and Monday is a rest day. The first x-c race of the regional league is on Saturday at York, but I left my entry too late.
  • I’m currently in a rest cycle for 3 weeks so my training volume and intensity are much reduced, but this is what I have on this weeks schedule

    SUN - 32 mile MTB
    MON - 1500m swim (intervals)
    TUE - 7-8 mile tempo run
    WED - Swim (Drills)
    THU - Hills or intervals (about 60-70 mins)
    FRI - Endurance Swim (2k)
    SAT - Rest

    That compares to next month when I move back into training mode proper with my first base cycle, which typically looks like this

    BASE1 – WEEK 2

    MON - REST
    TUE - Swim(ints) – Tempo Run
    WED - Circuit Training – Turbo Trainer(50mins)
    THU - Swim(drills) – Run (Hill reps)
    FRI - Steady Swim - Circuit Training – Turbo Trainer(40mins)
    SAT - Long Bike
    SUN - Long Run

    During the 2xbase cycles I build to about 12hrs per week training

  • Will

    Which running club do you run for??
    Where is your first cross country at?

    My next one will be the Harrier League at Chester-le-Street.
  • Lanny

    I miss that one - I’m in Cyprus – but I’ll be there for the next

    I run for Derwentside AC – Who do you run for?
  • Which area does everyone come from.

    I come from Lincolnshire and used to run fro Scunthorpe and District AC.
  • Will

    Its a small world, I run for Blackhill Bounders now but used to run for Derwentside in my younger days when they were based at the Kings Head Track.

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