Grown out of it yet?

Do you remember your youth? Do you remember being told off by mum and dad? Did mum ever say "you'll grow out of it".

What are the things that you were supposed to have grown out of but never did?

For me there are two things:
1. Loud music (I now get my children telling me to turn it down).
2. HP sauce with everything - my opinion is that EVERY meal can be improved with the addition of HP sauce.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Last weekend I saw a young, probably late teens, girl walking up the street in a skimpy vest top and a skirt that barely covered her embarrassment. The thought "she'll catch her death in that" popped into my mind unheeded, and even in my Mum's voice!

    I still can't resist blowing bubbles in any liquid drunk through a straw. Milk was best - you could fill the glass with half an inch in the bottom of the glass.
  • Being silly - no I haven't
    Asthma - sort of maybe.
    Spam sarnies - no, still love them.
  • Grown out of it: Chocolate Spread sandwiches, Radio One

    Not grown out of it: Thunderbirds, Marmite

    ....sure I'll think of some more later....
  • PB - I'm with you on the burping thing, in fact any expellation of bodily gasses. Do you ever try and say things during burping?

    Perhaps one of the girls / ladies can explain to me why its not funny? Have you never seen the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles?

  • Aha! still as young, immature and fruitful as ever!
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Roland Rat. I thought he was a flippin' top legend as a kid, and went to sleep with my Roland Rat soft toy.

    Grew out of it though, probably about the same time as the BBC1 controller thought he'd had his day.

    Stragely enough I used to wear tracksuits nearly all the time as a lad, when playing football etc. I have no idea why I thought this was in the slightest bit trendy.

    I'm with you on Radio 1 LF. Haven't listened to that since Sara Cox got the breakfast show. Anyway, i'm 26 so am officially older than their target audience.

  • Things I haven't grown out of: ginger beer, lemon curd sandwiches, rock'n'roll, Hi De Hi

    Things I said I'd never grow into, but have: Radio Two, "proper" salad dressing instead of Heinz Salad Cream (though I still have a bottle of this "just in case"), Newsnight

  • I think bodily functions are 'man humor' and breaking wind is the oldest joke
  • Grown out of thinking that parents were always wrong, that they weren't on my side, that I was a foundling and my "real" parents would come back and rescue me, that it wasn't fair...

    Never grown out of biting my fingernails when forced to sit still, reading in bed, not liking eggs, not liking Mum's good home-made spiced currant cake, writing fiction (except nowadays I sell it as fact).
  • Grown out of - feeling uncomfortable around females, drinking tea.
    Never grown out of - running, spending money faster than I can earn it.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Not yet grown out of Radio 1 - can't get it into my head that I might like R2 - though I also like R5. Suppose that I have finally given up on the hope that I was any good at footy or cricket (some much unfulfilled potential....)

    Never grown out of loving lie-ins & hating DIY.
  • Grown out of: going in a huff if I don't get my own way, unless it means I can't get for a run, Blue Peter female presenters, putting Salad Cream on everything and thinking it was sophisticated, Radio 1 is getting there.
    Not grown out of: Cartoons, sci-fi programs, toilet humour, sarcasm (or so I have been told).
  • Grown out of: Baby clothes

    Not grown out of: Making bad jokes
  • Grown out of: dieting, drinking pints of cider, patchouli oil.
    Never grown out of: taking the p*** out of my dad with my brother, finding men's obession with burping a strange and loathsome thing, rebelling against control freaks and rulebound pedantics.
    Grown into: liking kids, drinking red wine, marathons.
  • Grown back into the 'childish' desire to explore the great outdoors and sleep under the stars. Love being outdoors anyway but did it 'properly' with routes to follow and tents to sleep in. Life begins at 40? Now I want to break the old tidy habits and live a little. Ambition: set off on an extended wander on foot through Britain and explore all the wild places.....but why end there? Something else I haven't grown out of is daydreaming!

    Grown out of believing in roses round the door!
  • grown out of - radio 1, but it took until I was 52, rather sadly!

    never grown out of - a fondness for women's sticky out bits!

  • Patchouli oil! I used to LOVE patchouli oil! Now THERE'S something I've grown out of!

    Gavo: you HAVE to listen to R2 on Saturdays, purely for Jonathan Ross, who is fantastic.
  • Grown out of: Permed hair, bangles, Genesis and musician boyfriends

    Grown into: Radio 2 Jonathon Ross (how did that happen?)Making my children wear vests til July (very my mother,)Kylie Minogue, Brittany Spears and Boy Bands
  • Patchouli oil! Now that brings back memories!

    As I started the thread am I allowed a second go?

    Grown out of: Long hair, wondering if I should've married someone else, worrying what other people think of me.

    Not Grown out of: Mashing food together 'cos I can't decide which bit to eat next (PS I DONT do this in restaurants), worrying about getting old.

    Grown into: Being happily married, reading the Sunday Times, wearing slippers, going "ooo" when taking first sip of tea.
  • I never grew out of Lego (which is ACE), liking science fiction, listening to loads of music, daydreaming, talking to myself, occasionally biting my nails, liking to target shoot (tho my mum hoped I'd grow out of that one) and liking the Army (my mum REALLY hoped I'd grow out of that one .. sorry mum!)

    I grew out of music snobbery, which I had in spades as a musically educated but very elitist 14-year-old.
  • I would appear to have grown out of my spider man suit , whci is a shame really 'cos the missus loved it ;)
  • Grown out of : black T-shirts with metal bands on them, Newcastle Brown, worrying about the future, taking the news seriously, wanting my own way, haircuts (kind of involuntary, that one), incense, drinking 'til I puke, 3-day music festivals, awful sci-fi.

    Grown into : blues, early nights, eating real food and not just kebabs, German beer, an ironic appreciation of early James Bond, "Just a Minute", running (of course), sitting down as a leisure activity (ooo, lovely!!)

    Never grew out of : farting with obvious pleasure, cradling my gonads, picking my nose and flicking it away, mumbling about the Pope in my sleep (that's not actually true. The rest are though).
  • Grown out of Tops of the Pops not half as good as Ready Steady Go or The Old Grey Whistle Test, trying to please everyone, nightclubs, noisy bars.
    Grown into Radio 2 Bunty Bagshaw and The Coffin Dodger (Terry Wogan), Johnie Walker. Going out for dinner with good food,wine and company.
    Having time of my own to do what I want.
    Really good friends.
  • radio 2 plays Genesis now
    I still want to be a DR, never grew out of that to the parents eternal disgust

    WW, check out the Windy runs thread, I couldnt stop laughing!!
  • Grown out of...
    Cowboy films, drawing dinosaurs, playing with soldiers, late night radio phone ins (forums instead now), communism and possibly, just maybe, perhaps...Startrek!

    Not grown out of...Star Wars and conkers

    Spent Sunday morning with the kids conker picking at 7 am in the local park, came home and had hot tea and all watched Empire Strikes Back. Then after a 10 miler and sunday dinner had conker fights...FANTASTICO
    (had to help my four year old win by continually missing and hitting the wall etc.)
  • really need to think of something I've grown out of before adding my £0.02p worth....
  • Flicking the bogies!!
    didnt know anyone else who did
  • We'll be queueing up for a date with you then Jeff! LOL.

    Never grown into: 36B bras.
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