Hello all

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to say greetings to all. I had a great holiday and I'm back and ready to start running again.

As usual, too many threads to read through. The BK thread is awesome (1300+).

Any chance of a summary from someone??

Catch you later,

All the best,



  • RB
    welcome home old boy.
    It's been a busy fortnight. Will come back later if someone else doesn't beat me to it.
  • Not a lot of substance I'm afraid RB. A week is long enough time for its existance I reckon, time for it to fall into a long sleep.

    Glad you had a good one. No Snoop running naked down the beach then
  • what's he (BK) on about?

    Hi Rats, you've missed nothing, other than a few lovesick unemployed headmasters and I.T. consultants inventing an alternative to daytime tv.
  • Speak for yourself. Don't log in outside of lunch hours times and I'm usually working then as well
  • BK: Thats nonsense!!!!

    RB: The Unofficial forum has, up until your return been dominated by the darkside.

    I have also stolen your crown as the king of the forums!!! See venom's post
  • Thats out of date. After this weekends abuse you're probably now third
  • Hi BK - you don't log in outside of lunch hours? dontcha mean you don't log off outside off lunch hours...or do you have 23 hour lunch hours?
  • Welcome back RB - can't give you a summary, I have a hard enough time remembering what's going on myself.
  • Hi Ratty - welcome back! The wolfpack's missed you.
  • Hi RB,
    glad you had a great time - we all missed you though!!!! As you can see, the dark side is growing by the day and before long the force will be ours.......
  • Hello RB, How are you? good to have you back. I've been a bit of a Dublin only girl recently. The whole dark side stuff has passed me by, I'm afraid. Thank god, or I'd never get any work done. Are you doing Brighton 10k RB?
  • Hi RB, nice to have you back.

    As Snicks says, are you doing Brighton 10K? If not, why not because the rest of the forum is! You've got to do it, there's over 60 of us doing it so far.

  • When is the Brighton 10K??

    It's about as far as I could manage right now??

    BTW hello to all.....especially the ladies!!!!!
  • RB it's 17th November. Check out the massive Brighton Reebok 10k thread for the list of who's doing it and where to find the entry forms.
  • Glad yuo didn't ask where it was!
  • Hi Ratbag

    It shows how mad things have got when you realise that you now represent the sane, sensible face of the Forum... ;o)

    Are you going to do the Salisbury half ? Your name's down on BK's thread "A Race for all of us Part 3"? and I posted a note about the course but I can't remember what I called it.
  • Forgot to ask.

    Where is it???
  • Hello Daisy,

    I did say I would like to do Salisbury.

    I'll look for the thread....

    All the best,

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