Salt on food

Anyone have any idea how much salt is acceptable? should I rely on the salts already abundant in foods, or should I suppliment it with salt on my food?

PS. I sweat a fair amount!


  • Depends on whether you are genetically susceptible to get high blood pressure if you have a salty diet (best estimate is that one person in five is) and on what you mean by "foods". If you eat lots of processed foods and obviously salty foods such as cheese and bacon, you'll take in a lot more salt in your diet than if you don't.

    On the whole, even a diet rich in fresh food will provide enough sodium to stop your brain from swelling, and if you like extra salt it's worth getting used to either adding salt in cooking or adding it at the table, but not both.

    Cheers, V-rap (who still adds salt when boiling vegetables, rice and pasta, and wouldn't eat chips without a hefty sprinkling of salt and vinegar).
  • Like you V-rap, I love the stuff on my veg! and pasta... and rice...

    Just a little worried about it! I bought some o that low sodium stuff because I thought I was going over the top!

    Thanks for your wise words!
  • Jon -- the low sodium stuff isn't much better for you, it's loaded with potassium salts instead which can play havoc with everything in the wrong quantities. The best thing is to do what v-rap suggests and just add a bit of salt either at the table or when cooking but not both. I don't add salt to anything but the Mr shoves loads on at the table - I personally can't notice the difference but I suppose it's something you get used to.
  • Only use the stuff on celery, tomatoes and black pudding myself – I gave it up but on the afore mentioned I just can’t seem to do without
  • Cheers Cath! I could just try and live without it (aswell as no booze) but i guess the life of purity ain't for me!!!
  • I tried the low-sodium salt too, but couldn't live with the aftertaste. Bleugh!

  • My eldest brother puts salt in food when he's cooking it, sprinkles salt over it when it's cooked, and then has a little pile of it on the side of the plate for dipping in. I've often thought that this is (a) dangerous, and (b) weird.

    Personally, eggs and chips are the only thing I put salt in or on.

    Could my brain really explode from not having enough salt in my diet? Excellent!

  • If you don't eat enough salt, you'll end up like me.... Theres a warning!
  • Eeek ! (Reaches for Salt Cellar.)

    Mmmmm - that's better - I fell nothing like a wooly monkey - it works !!
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