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Anyone know when Aldi will be doing another 'weekly special'on their running gear? I know RW quoted Feb' but anything more accurate? Intrigued to see if it's as good as it's cracked up to be.


  • Not this week.

    But I need a hacksaw - and cheap Lego figures ! Who could resist ?
  • Have you tried their gear cougie? Seems to be well recieved or is it that it's just cheap as chips?
  • Not got their running kit, but wifey has a pair of coolmax socks and a top that seem great value.

    If I hadn't already got too much kit, I'd be down there next time. Looks like they get new items in every Thursday.

    It has got good reviews !

  • hi mark - i have the tights and top - good value - and well made - worth getting socks are fab
  • Don't know really... I signed up for the specials offers update on the Aldi website, and they email every week, the offers available for the next week.....
  • Fairly new to this running lark myself so need to get geared up. Just done the shoe thing at sweatshop. Blooming complicated for a running numpty like me. Not sure I ended up with the right pair in the end. Sore calf muscles!
  • Stocktake from running sale in the autumn:

    Twin-layer coolmax socks (about £3 for 2 pairs) - excellent if a little generous in the sizing. I'm a 9 but found the 6-8s fitted better. No sock-related blisters to report.

    Long-sleeved coolmax top (about £8 or £9) - does the job at getting the sweat away and looks good too. Rubs a bit in the rain, but I'm sure most tops do. And that's what micropore tape is for.

    Long-sleeved micro-fleece (same sort of price as other top) - matches the coolmax top, so I can look co-ordinated in my Aldi gear. Nice and warm, but not too warm to run in. The long sleeves with thumb holes are a nice touch on a cold day.

    Trousers (about £10) - shell-type material that is water-resistant to a small degree and coolmax-lined at the top. And matches the tops as well! Perfect for those of us that don't think our figure should be let loose on the public in tracksters,let alone tights!

    So, in conclusion, cheap as chips but would probably be twice the price if you stuck a recognised brand name on it. I'm a relative beginner (running since July) and wish I'd stocked up with more last year - I'll be first in the queue when they do their next sale (presumably a bit mroe summery).

    And I can't wait till March when I believe I might just be receiving one of their cheap (and apparently rather good) HRMs for my birthday.

    Three cheers for Aldi!
  • MW

    I got an Aldi promotional leaflet in our (Chester) local paper today, which said that the sports gear would be back in from 26th Feb.

    Running jacket £9.99
    Matching trousers £7.99
    Dodgy all-in-one-type-thing - £9.99
    Stop watch £3.49
    Shorts £4.99
    Running top £5.99
    Microfibre Sports towel (whatever that is) £2.99

    However, I seem to remember last time that some of the stuff was in the stores before the advertised date. So if it's convenient, perhaps pop in a week before. I will and let you know.

    The gear's Ok for what you pay.

  • Its in the Swansea branch already, and I missed out! Hope they stock up again in Feb. or is that it do you think?
  • Fin
    The gear comes round in cycles. I am surprised that they are saying Feb. because they have only just had the stuff in in Dec. The Swansea stuff COULD be the remnants of Dec. gear.

    The microfibre towels are really good after a couple of washes, they seem to skim over the body when brand new. They are the same size as a hand towel but do the job of a bath towel.

    Read the Aldi socks thread.
  • must go Aldi...

    I was wondering about this today - new it was due about now, so thanks for saving me asking!


  • new = 'knew' of course
  • cant wait to get a dodgy all in one thing !!
  • Would that be a large romper suit?

    Bune, are you really Matt Lucas (George Daws?) LOL.
  • lol

    dont go there ..

    i do have a fleece zippy all inone thingy ..its blue and intended for fishermen but its very warm (too warm to run in but great for washing the car )

  • Muzzy and Co

    Before you all get yourselves in a lather about the romper suit..

    The dodgy all in one thing is described as in the leaflet as follows...

    "Three-in-One Sports Suit. Made in 75% polyester and 25% Lycra with Ciba moisture management, side inserts in power mesh and Coolmax seat insert. Ideal for swimming, running and cycling" (or looking dodgy in).

    Not my words...

    So now you know.

    Coming to, and probably staying in, an Aldi near you soon.
  • sounds like a tri suit to me...
    ...what colour is it ?
  • Stupid question alert!

    Would that dodgy all in one suit help make transition in a tri a quicker process then?

    Told you it was a stupid question...
  • yes... cos rules are that you must wear a 'top' for the bike & run bits... and putting a top on over a wet torso isn't the easiest of tasks :)
  • But fun watching others though!!!
  • Been there, done that.
  • Ed

    The blokes one is red with black side panels.

    The ladies one is navy with pale blue sides.

    Both short sleeved, with a short zip at the neck and reflective strips on the shoulders by the look of it.

  • bah.. no fair.
    i had to buy a womens jacket last time to avoid having a red or luminous yellow one!
  • it sounds like it'll do for rowing training, we wear dodgy all in ones
  • mmm - long legs or shorts ...

    ij very tempted
  • Thanks FD. Have aquired one of the leaflets now from a colleague at work. She found the fact that I might be interested in what basically looks like shrink wrapping for humans very amusing. Think i'll stick to the jacket and trousers.
  • Bune - lemme know if Aldi start selling fleecy all in ones then. That sounds like heaven for winter.
  • I'm really surprised that we haven't seen any Aldi all-in-ones over here, but I think if they have zips I'll give 'em a miss for tri racing. My current ones are slinky pull-ons with no zips or fasteners or anything else that might rub.
  • The aldi running fleece I brought back last year is really warm and washes really well, also so do my socks and leggings that I brought. I will be certainly be buying more when the have it in.
  • I got the running gear in Aldi yesterday. Hopefully there is some left I'm going back for more!
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